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Exclusive real estate brokerage agreement. Includes minimum sale price, terms of sale, and commission provisions.

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Francine Callahan, referred to as OWNER, in consideration for the services performed to date and to be performed, herewith appoints Duncan Burgess, referred to as BROKER, as the exclusive agent for the sale of the following domain names on the terms and conditions set forth below: AND

BROKER agrees to diligently and in accordance with all applicable regulations and laws to seek to find a buyer for these domain names. This exclusive brokerage shall expire 42 days days after commencement.

The minimum selling price of shall be:

$ 475,000 ( Dollars)

The minimum selling price of shall be:

$ 230,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Dollars)

Upon the following terms:

OWNER agrees to pay a commission of twelve and a half percent ( %) of the sales price, if (1) BROKER procures a buyer who is ready, willing and able to purchase either domain upon the terms stated above; (2) BROKER procures a buyer to whom OWNER in fact sells or trades the domains; (3) during the terms of the listing, the domains is sold through a buyer procured by others. (4)OWNER reserves the right to adjust the minimum sale price within the time period, following an agreement on commission to be payed with BROKER. Such an arrangement would replace this contract..

An exception to the paragraph  above exists where the OWNER shall only pay a commission which results in the post commission sale being equal to the minimum selling price, this is in regards to the domain name and applies for sales under $ 530,000 ( Dollars).

If either domain name is sold or otherwise conveyed to a prospect first submitted by BROKER within 2 months of the expiration of the brokerage agreement, the commission stated shall be due and payable.

The BROKER recommends use of an escrow service, and in use of one reserves full rights to not pay any escrow fees or compensation on withdrawal of a buyer. In the situation in which this contract runs out during escrow, the BROKER reserves the right to the commission stated above on completion of all transactions.



Mar 13, 2019



Francine Callahan, OWNER



Duncan Burgess, BROKER

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