Payment Plan Contract

This is a Payment Plan Contract for Client and Photographer's use.

Payment Plan Contract

Todays Date

Client Information:

Full Name: Client Name

Phone Number: Client Phone

Address: Client Address

Photographer's Information:

Full Name: Photographer's Name

Phone Number: Photographer's Phone Number

Address: Photographers Address

Billing Info

Name as it appears on the Card: Name on the Card

Credit Card Number: Your Card Number

Credit Card Type: Visa/Master/Discover

Expiration Date: Card Expiration Date

CVV Code: CVV Code

Billing Address: Billing Address

Payment Plan Details

Total Cost of Purchase: Total Cost

Total Number of Payments: Total Number of Payments

Amount Charged per Month: Amount Charged Per Month

Day of the Month Payment Due: Due Date

What Products and/or Services were purchased with the Payment Plan: What Products and/or services were Purchased

Terms of Agreement

I, Client Name hereby authorized Photographers Name /Jordan Theresa Photography to charge the above referenced credit card

account automatically on the dates stated above, and to apply said charges towards the payment of my

photography purchases on Today's Date totaling of $ Total Price of Purchase ; until this amount is paid in

full. If I fail to make these payments (with a payment grace period of 5 days past due date), I acknowledge

that my images, albums, and/or other products will not be delivered to me until the final balance has been

received. Once final payment has been received my images, albums and/or other products will me given to

me. I have read this payment agreement and agree with all the terms.

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