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Chota Birbal - Chota Birbal: Shibu, do you recognize me? Gurudev, you? I am blessed You are welcome. Welcome. Therefore, you have recognized me. Where is Putu Rani? She has gone to the river. Shell will be back very soon. Gurudev, you? I am very lucky bless you. Gurudev, I can no longer bear with this weight. My shoulders are hurting. Yes. Yes. come inside. please come inside. Take your seat, Gurudev. Be seated.

Moral Stories For Kids in hindi - Chota Birbal - Chota Birbal: Shibu, do you recognize me? Gurudev, you? I am blessed You are welcome. Welcome. Therefore, you have recognized me. Where is Putu Rani? She has gone to the river. Shell will be back very soon. Gurudev, you? I am very lucky bless you. Gurudev, I can no longer bear with this weight. My shoulders are hurting. Yes. Yes. come inside. please come inside. Take your seat, Gurudev. Be seated.

Sahiba, I can see that with age you are losing your memory. Why, Gurudev? Have you forgotten that I have renounced all kinds of happiness .... I have changed a sage? Gurudev, how long will I stand with this heavy load? My shoulders will break. Yes Yes. Give it to me. Give it to me. I will keep it. Make room for me to rest here. Yes, I will, Gurudev. Hail to Radha Madhav! I now rest on this small mattress and eat a small amount of vegetarian food.

Gurudev, are you coming here from Vrindavan? No, I went to the house of one of my disciples. I had come here so I thought of coming and going .... Shibu and Putu Rani. It is good that you come, Gurudev. I will not let you go easily. You have to stay here for some time. Yes sure Priest. Priest. Hire me How long will i wait See, I just forgot about it and started taking.

Shibu, go and pay the fare for the cow cart. Yes Yes. I will go. Its time for me to shower and pray, dear. Sure, come to Gurudev. Come. Gurudev, take a bath and start praying. I will arrange your food. Gurudev does not eat anything except fried bread and sweets in this hour. Prepare dishes for it in pure clarified butter.

You cannot imagine how much Sridhar cares for me. Yes of course for sure. Mother, go and cook. I will bathe, pray and then have some food. Yes, yes Gurudev, I will start preparing from now. Mother. - Leave, leave me, Mahesh. Wow! You have made such delicious dishes, mother. Fried bread, sweets. Are you making this for me? Gurudev has come from Vrindavan so ..Oh! You give me sweet balls of rice and coconut everyday.

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But when your Gurudev comes, do you serve him fried bread, sweets? No! No! I have also prepared food for you. I should go and serve Gurudev first. lets go. - lets go. Take, Gurudev, Haves. Who is this boy He is my son His name is Mahesh. He is a very naughty boy.

Rani .. - Yes Gurdev ... You find the affection of young Lord Krishna in the little boys. Their naughtyness is like the works of young Lord Krishna. Don't worry about that As long as I stay here he sends it to me every afternoon. His naughtyness will disappear. Mother, go and get some more fried bread for me.

I am very hungry. Bring something for me too Hari. Hari.To, have you come? Where is Mahesh? Fan me. faster. - Yes, yes, I am. They must have grown guava from the Madhus tree by now and .... started eating it with ginger and chilli. Guava is very tasty. - right. I feel very sorry for Mahesh. I have nothing to regret.

See, I have kept two guava for him. Mahesh. Mahesh.You all? Did you bring me cowgirl Yes, take them. No! Mahesh, they are not good, nor mix with them. what? Aren't we good? You are also a thief. I am sure you did not take their permission before plundering the guava. No, we have not.

If we take their permission, they do not allow us. Rather they used to beat us with sticks. When you take the goods of others without permission .... it is called theft. Shridhar, throw them out of the house. Gurudev, as you point out. Come. Come. Sit here Yes i will What was I talking about? You were talking about what Lord Krishna mentions in the Gita.

Yes. Yes i remember I remember. In the Gita, Lord Krishna has said that a guest is equal to God. That is why if you serve your guest, you are blessed with… Lord Vishnu. Mahesh, should help others and not bother them. Your friends stole guava from Madhus tree. It is harming someone, disturbing someone. Never mingle with those bad boys. Remember one more thing, everyone.

Never be greedy in life. Try to control your greed. Father, I cannot go to Vrindavan. Please put this garland around Lord Krishna's neck. of course I will. for sure. I will write about this necklace you mounted on a white marble stone .... and put it in the temple. You will die, I will die but your action will be written on the temple for ages.

This is no small matter. Hail to Lord Krishna! You know that life and money are temporary. But, verbs are immortal. Okay. Now I am very tired. Now go Pitu Rani. - Yes, Gurudev. Arrange some rabri (sweetened condensed milk) for me at night. You can do that for me .. Rabri and some fried bread will suffice for me. I think you are worrying about something. Yes dear you are right I'm worried What are you worrying about? All day long.

I don't know what will happen later. Gurudev has said that he will eat the fruit tomorrow. Don't worry, everything will be alright. Mahesh, go and give a supari to Gurudev. No, I will not go. You go and give it to him. No, Mahesh. Do not behave in this way. He has instructed you to go to your room with betel nut .... every day after meals. what happened? Go - Oh No! Give it to me. Take.

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Gurudev, take this. great! great! So, you kept it? I thought you threw it away. He gives lectures but now he is going to eat guava. He is a fake sage. Well Gurudev, we are feasting on fried breads and sweets very well. If this continues then I will develop a punch on my thin body. Wait, I'll help you with your party.

Greetings, Gurudev, Mother sent me a betel nut. great! Putu Rani cares for me very much. Gurudev, can I give you a foot massage? Will you? Yes, you are serving the Guru, you can easily attain enlightenment. Yes, but wait and see who gets it. Mahesh, give this bag to your mother. He has to consider it his own and keep it carefully.

Okay? Do not tell anyone about it. What's inside it, Gurudev? There are 300 gold coins inside. This will help me to serve Lord Vishnu. Okay Gurudev, I go now. I was determined to teach him a lesson. But I did not know that I would get a chance so soon. Mother, here you are. Gurudev has asked me to give you this bag. What's inside it Gurudev told me that it contains 300 gold coins.

They have given me this bag and told me that mother should treat…. Treat this bag as your own and keep it safe. He also told that the money should be spent on his expenses. Just look, Gurudev knows everything. They understood our problems and gave us this money.

I can not understand anything. Have you forgotten the lecture given by Gurudev in the evening? Which which? Which lecture? He told that human beings should help others. So that .. that .. well what was it..yes. Yes. I remember. Money is not important. A man survives through his actions. Yes, yes, you are right.

I think he has understood our problems and wants to help us. We cannot pay good fees so he has sent money through Mahesh. This is fine but without asking Gurudev. No father, Gurudev has not asked me to say anything about it. Take 50 gold coins from here and give it to Chandraswami Acharji tomorrow. As long as he stays here, we will serve Gurudev with this wealth.

When he leaves we will return the rest. Yes. This would be the right thing to do. Who is that skinny man who snatched our cowherds yesterday and… called us thieves? He is a disciple of Gurudev, his name is Sridhar. Mahesh, who is Gurudev? The one who is wearing saffron clothes. Fat guy who told you to go away. He is Gurudev. He is a fake monk. Why? Why? His disciple snatched the guava from all of you - yes. Later I saw them distributing the cowherds and getting them ready to eat. what?! He must be punished.

I have punished them, but Gurudev does not know about it yet. What is the punishment? How will Gurudev know? The day he leaves our house. When will he leave, Mahesh? I heard you have to go to hell tomorrow morning. Listen, hide in the bushes near the fence early in the morning. Okay? You know how he has been punished. Now I will go.

I need to give her a foot massage. Of this Gurudev, I made it for you. Jaggery coconut balls. Is it for sure. Where is my money bag? Yes, Gurudev, take it. Why does the bag look light? Actually according to your instructions .... we have spent 100 gold coins to serve you. what! When did I ask you to spend money on me? No, you did not say so, but Mahesh gave us the bag and .... told us that you said .. will the money be spent on me.

You naughty boy, what did I tell you? You told me that this money will be spent on Lord Vishnu. I told my mother that money should be spent on Gurudev. Such a big lie? I did not lie. You are our guest The other day you told us in the evening that the guest is God, like Lord Vishnu. Accordingly, the Lord served Vishnu.

You have helped us a lot by giving money to a poor man like us. Will we ever forget this? Put your name on the stone well below the holy Tulsi Pant .... so that we always remember what you have done. I curse you that you will not attain enlightenment.

The Guru has not achieved it, then how can a disciple achieve it. It is a shameful thing! Mahesh, you should not talk to elders in this manner. Father, you don't know before that day tomorrow .... He called my friends, the temple thieves and .... drove them out of the house. But at night when I went to his room to give betel nut .... I saw Gurudev and his main disciples getting ready .... eat those cowgirls. what?!

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Gurudev, is Mahesh right? You have advised us to control greed, but you are on your own. It is a shameful thing! Oh no! Sridhar .. - Yes ... We can stop here for a moment. Round it! grab him. Gurudev is running away. Gurudev is running away.

मुझे नहीं पता कि बाद में क्या होगा। गुरुदेव ने कहा है कि वह कल फल खाएंगे। चिंता मत करो, सब ठीक हो जाएगा। महेश, जाओ और गुरुदेव को सुपारी दो। नहीं, मैं नहीं जाऊँगा। तुम जाकर उसे दे दो। नहीं, महेश। इस तरह से व्यवहार न करें। उन्होंने निर्देश दिया है कि आप सुपारी के साथ अपने कमरे में जाएँ .... भोजन के बाद हर दिन। क्या हुआ? जाओ - अरे नहीं! इसे मुझे दो। ले लो।

गुरुदेव, यह लीजिए। महान! महान! तो, आपने रखा था? मुझे लगा कि तुमने इसे फेंक दिया है। वह व्याख्यान देता है लेकिन अब वह अमरूद खाने जा रहा है। वह एक नकली ऋषि है। खैर गुरुदेव, हम तले हुए ब्रेड और मिठाई पर बहुत अच्छी तरह से दावत दे रहे हैं। अगर यह जारी रहा तो मैं अपने पतले शरीर पर एक पंच विकसित करूंगा। रुको, मैं तुम्हारी दावत में मदद करूँगा।

अभिवादन, गुरुदेव, माँ ने मेरे लिए सुपारी भेजी है। महान! पुतु रानी को मेरी बहुत परवाह है। गुरुदेव, क्या मैं आपको पैरों की मालिश दे सकता हूं? क्या तुम म? हाँ, आप गुरु की सेवा कर रहे हैं, आप आसानी से आत्मज्ञान प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। हाँ, लेकिन प्रतीक्षा करें और देखें कि इसे कौन प्राप्त करता है। महेश, अपनी माँ को यह थैली दे दो। उसे इसे अपना मानना ​​होगा और इसे सावधानी से रखना होगा।

ठीक है? इसके बारे में किसी को मत बताना। इसके अंदर क्या है, गुरुदेव? अंदर 300 सोने के सिक्के हैं। इससे मुझे भगवान विष्णु की सेवा करने में मदद मिलेगी। ठीक है गुरुदेव, मैं अभी जाता हूँ। मैंने उसे सबक सिखाने की ठान ली थी। लेकिन मुझे नहीं पता था कि मुझे इतनी जल्दी मौका मिलेगा। माँ, ये लो। गुरुदेव ने मुझे आपको यह थैली देने के लिए कहा है। इसके अंदर क्या है? गुरुदेव ने मुझे बताया कि इसमें 300 सोने के सिक्के हैं।

उन्होंने मुझे यह थैली दी है और मुझसे कहा है कि माँ को इलाज करना चाहिए .... इस थैली को अपना समझें और इसे सुरक्षित रखें। उन्होंने यह भी बताया कि पैसा उनके खर्चों पर खर्च किया जाना चाहिए। जरा देखिए, गुरुदेव को सब पता है। उन्होंने हमारी समस्याओं को समझा और हमें यह पैसा दिया है।

मैं कुछ भी नहीं समझ सकता। क्या आप शाम को गुरुदेव द्वारा दिए गए व्याख्यान को भूल गए हैं? कौन कौन से? कौन सा व्याख्यान? उन्होंने बताया कि मानव को दूसरों की मदद करनी चाहिए। तो वो .. वो .. अच्छा ये क्या था..हाँ। हाँ। मुझे याद है। धन का महत्व नहीं है। एक आदमी अपने कार्यों के माध्यम से जीवित रहता है। हाँ, हाँ, आप सही हैं।

मुझे लगता है कि वह हमारी समस्याओं को समझ गया है और हमारी मदद करना चाहता है। हम अच्छी फीस नहीं दे सकते हैं इसलिए उसने महेश के माध्यम से पैसा भेजा है। यह ठीक है लेकिन गुरुदेव से पूछे बिना। नहीं पिता, गुरुदेव ने मुझे इस बारे में कुछ नहीं कहने के लिए कहा है। यहां से 50 सोने के सिक्के ले लो और कल इसे चंद्रास्वामी अचारजी को दे देना। जब तक वह यहाँ रहेगा, हम गुरुदेव को इस धन से सेवा करेंगे।

जब वह निकल जाएगा तो हम बाकी लौटा देंगे। हाँ। यह सही काम करना होगा। वह कौन पतला आदमी है जिसने कल हमारे ग्वालों को छीन लिया और .... हमें चोर कहा? वे गुरुदेव के शिष्य हैं, उनका नाम श्रीधर है। महेश, गुरुदेव कौन हैं? वह जो भगवा वस्त्र पहने हो। मोटा आदमी जिसने आपको दूर जाने को कहा था। वह गुरुदेव हैं। वह नकली साधु है। क्यों? क्यों? उनके शिष्य ने आप सभी से अमरुद छीन लिया - हाँ। बाद में मैंने उन्हें ग्वालों को बाँटते और उन्हें खाने के लिए तैयार होते देखा। क्या?! उसे सजा मिलनी ही चाहिए।

मैंने उन्हें सजा दी है, लेकिन गुरुदेव इसके बारे में अभी तक नहीं जानते हैं। सजा क्या है? गुरुदेव का पता कैसे चलेगा? वह दिन जब वह हमारा घर छोड़ता है। वह कब जाएगा, महेश? मैंने सुना कि कल सुबह नरक जाना है। सुनो, सुबह-सुबह बाड़ के पास झाड़ियों में छिप जाओ। ठीक है? आप जानते हैं कि उसे कैसे दंडित किया गया है। अब मैं जाऊंगा।

मुझे उसे पैर की मालिश देने की आवश्यकता है। इस गुरुदेव की, मैंने इसे आपके लिए बनाया है। गुड़ नारियल की मीठी गेंद। क्या यह निश्चित रूप से है। हम, मेरे पैसे की थैली कहाँ है। हाँ, गुरुदेव, इसे लें। थैली हल्की क्यों दिखाई देती है? वास्तव में आपके निर्देशों के अनुसार .... हमने आपकी सेवा करने के लिए 100 सोने के सिक्के खर्च किए हैं। क्या! मैंने कब कहा कि आप मुझ पर राशि खर्च करें? नहीं, आपने ऐसा नहीं कहा, लेकिन महेश ने हमें थैली दी और .... हमें बताया कि आपने कहा है .. क्या पैसा मुझ पर खर्च किया जाएगा।

तुम शरारती लड़के, मैंने तुम्हें क्या बताया? आपने मुझे बताया था कि यह धन भगवान विष्णु पर खर्च किया जाएगा। मैंने माँ से कहा कि पैसा गुरुदेव पर खर्च करना चाहिए। इतना बड़ा झूठ? मैंने झूठ नहीं बोला। आप हमारे मेहमान हैं। दूसरे दिन आपने शाम को हमें बताया कि अतिथि भगवान हैं, भगवान विष्णु की तरह। तदनुसार, भगवान विष्णु की सेवा करते थे।

आपने हम जैसे गरीब आदमी को पैसा देकर हमारी बहुत मदद की है। क्या हम इसे कभी भूल पाएंगे? अच्छी तरह से पवित्र तुलसी पंत के नीचे पत्थर पर अपना नाम रखें .... ताकि हम हमेशा याद रखें कि आपने क्या किया है। मैं आपको शाप देता हूं कि आप आत्मज्ञान प्राप्त नहीं करेंगे।

गुरु ने इसे हासिल नहीं किया है फिर एक शिष्य इसे कैसे प्राप्त कर सकता है। शर्म की बात है! महेश, आपको इस तरीके से बड़ों से बात नहीं करनी चाहिए। पिता, आप उस दिन से पहले नहीं जानते हैं कल .... उसने मेरे दोस्तों से, मंदिर के चोरों को बुलाया और .... उन्हें घर से बाहर निकाल दिया। लेकिन रात में जब मैं सुपारी देने के लिए उसके कमरे में गया .... मैंने देखा कि गुरुदेव और उनके मुख्य शिष्य तैयार हो रहे हैं .... उन ग्वालों को खाएं। क्या?!

गुरुदेव, क्या महेश सही है? आपने हमें लालच को नियंत्रित करने की सलाह दी है, लेकिन आप स्वयं ही हैं। शर्म की बात है! अरे नहीं! श्रीधर .. - हां ... हम एक पल के लिए यहां रुक सकते हैं। दौरो ! उसे पकड़ लो। गुरुदेव भाग रहे हैं। गुरुदेव भाग रहे हैं।

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