Jazmin's Photography 2nd Shooter Contract

2nd shooters must read and sign this contract before the date of shoot they are attending

Jazmin's Photography 2nd Shooter Contract

1535 Riverside Dr. Suamico, Wi 54173


[email protected]


2nd Shooter's Name:

2nd Shooter's Address:

2nd Shooter's Email:

Date 2nd Shooter is needed:

Time 2nd Shooter is needed:

Location 2nd Shooter is needed at:

Amount Jazmin's Photography is paying you: or I am shooting for free to get experience:

  1. Jazmin's Photography requires that you upload your images to her computer right after the session you attended with her.
  2. Jazmin's Photography is required to give you photo taking credit
  3. Jazmin's Photography requires you allow her to deliver the images to the client all at once with photo credit given to you on all your images you have taken.
  4. Jazmin's Photography is not required to pay you for your help unless discussed other wise.
  5. I understand I am allowed to use my images I have taken in my portfolio at any given time.

2nd Shooter's Signature:

2nd Shooter's Name Printed:

Photographer's Signature:

Photographer's Name Printed:

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