Honda CB750 Sale Agreement

Sale Agreement for Honda CB750

This document serves the purpose of ensuring all aspects of the sale of the Honda CB750 from Nicholas Mulkey to Jose Belbel are carried out in a mutually understood process. From here on out, the two parties will be referred to as the Buyer and the Seller. Once the motorcycle is purchased on ebay and payment is remitted, the seller will carry out the modification requested by the Buyer. The modification that will be carried out is a repainting of the Gas tank and Cafe Cowl to a Matte Military Green Finish. It is important to reiterate that the Buyer remits payment in full for the bike before the repainting will occur. This is to ensure that the buyer is obligated to purchase the bike, since he is requesting a significant alteration to the bike's appearance to be executed. The estimated time frame for the painting of the bike is around 10 days, and periodic updates will be given along the way. Once the painting is completed, the Buyer and Seller will schedule a time for delivery as soon as logistically possible for both parties. The bike will be delivered in the condition previously agreed on in the terms of sale, and will come with a clean title for registration in the Buyers state.

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