What’s New With Windows 11? Why Should Gamers Pay Extra Attention?

Windows has always been the frontrunner with its OS worldwide since the arrival of computers into our lives.

No other Operating System has ever come close to the level of Windows, be it based on the number of users or its versatility and convenience. Now, windows has come up with its latest upgrade Windows 11, which is redesigned to provide better productivity, creativity, and ease for its Windows users.

Usually, Windows brings a new version of its software within 2-5 years at max, but Windows chose to stick with Windows 10 for a little more than six years. It is for the same reason why there has been so much talk about the new features that Windows 11 will bring to our computers.

New Features And Settings You Get With Windows 11

Windows has redesigned and upgraded Windows 10 to a great extent with Windows 11. It has changed the graphics and UI and customized the system from the very basic.

Some of the main changes that came with Windows 11 have been highlighted below:

  • Taskbar and Windows: The taskbar and windows icon has been completely modified, similar to the Apple OS. With Windows 11, you will find the Windows icon, Search, People, File Explorer, Inbox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft 365, etc., at the center of your taskbar.
  • Quick News And Weather Forecast: With the new Windows 11, you have to hover your cursor over the bottom left side of your taskbar to see the top stories, photos, weather, and a few stock market updates.
  • Transparent Context Menu: In the older version of Windows, you must have seen a white color context menu (Box you see with a right-click on the home screen). Windows 11 has modified that box to create a dark transparent context menu that will highlight your wallpaper too.
  • New Gaming Experience: Windows has been used for playing PC games for a long time, but Windows never really focused on its Gaming Interface. Windows finally brought in some significant changes to its gaming interface. Windows 11 has been designed to help gamers use the full potential of their computer hardware.

With Direct X 12 Ultimate, you can enjoy good graphics and high frame rates. Direct Storage and Auto HDR are other advanced features available with Windows 11.

These are some of the main changes that Windows has launched with its new version. You can find out the other minor changes by trying the new interface yourself.

You can install the PC Health Check Application on your desktop to find out whether or not your pc is compatible with the new system. It will automatically analyze your hardware and inform you about the components that do not match the Windows 11 minimum requirement criteria.


Being the world's most oversized Operating System, Windows will keep on bringing new tech and features to its users regularly. With Windows, you won't have to worry about missing out on any new tech brought in by any other OS. Windows 11 is just a part of the process for Windows to bring new features and convenience to its users. So, install the new OS on your computers if you haven't already.

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