Beas Kund Trek

This document is basically to present the Beas Kund trek.
Those people are like the Manali so
this trek is also a good option.

Beas Kund trek

is famously named after the sage Vyas (Beas River in Hindi). is obviously the astounding glacier, but one of the other surprises it offers you is the spectacular landscape of vast open fields flourishing with absolute greenish meadows. The trek starts with large boulders and rocks which are kind of difficult to walk on, many times you will have to balance on a single rock to find a way through the trail. Beas Kund trek start from the Manali. In the , Dhundhi is one of the places where we stay under the star in camping tents. Dhundhi is also a large clearing in the middle of the valley with grasslands bushing the entire area. Nothing is more dazzling than camping right in the middle of the meadows and living deep in nature.

Beas Kund trekking Beas Kund trek itinerary

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