Birsini Mata Temple Birsinghpur Pali Umariya

birasini mata temple birsinghpur pali umariya

Birsini Mata Temple Birsinghpur Pali Umariya - Birsini Mata Temple is located in Bir Singhpurpur (District-Umeria). In the temple, the 10th century magnificent statue of Birchini Mata is situated . In the temple, Statue of of God Harihar (Hari mean lord Vishnu and har means lord Shiv). Thhrere are small temples of lord Radha-Krishna, Lord Jagannath, Marhi Mata and Shani Dev in Campus . the temple is made of white marble. There is a Mundan site in the side of the temple. Jyoti kalash is in front of Mundan site.

According to the opinion, Hundreds of years ago Mother Birsini dreamed a man named Dhokal panda Pali resident that his idol is in a field, which should be brought into the cityDhokal panda brought a statue and made a small mud and made Mother sit there. Later, King Bir Singh of the city established a mother by constructing a temple.

The rebuilding of the ancient temple of Birsini Mata was commenced on November 23, 1989 by the sacred Karnakloans of Jagatguru Shankaracharya Swami Swarupananda ji and the completion of the temple renovation program, re-prana prestige 22 April 1999 concluded with the Shubhashish of Jagatguru Shankaracharya Puri Swami Nishchalanand ji |

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