Our Political Essay Writers' Agreement

The writer's agreement for Our Political Essay.

Prior to being published on Our Political Essay, all contributors must agree to the following terms and sign this release. This agreement is made on Date between Our Political Essay and Contributor Name.

Grant of Publishing Rights

  1. All contributors grant and assign Our Political Essay the sole and exclusive right to publish their work online.
    1. Due to the online nature of the publication, please note that work is published on the world wide web, available wherever it is accessible in the English language.
  2. All contributors are subject to editorial review. Our Political Essay strives to maintain the highest quality publication possible. Thus, all content will be subject to the editing process. More so, Our Political Essay does reserve the right to decline a piece if it doesn’t reach the aforementioned quality standard.
  3. Our Political Essay has the right to promote a contributor’s work online. (Social networking posts, for example.)
    1. Our Political Essay showcases each author’s biography, photo, and relevant online links. These may be used when promoting the author.
  4. Writers may represent themselves with press credentials from Our Political Essay only on assignments and reporting endeavors cleared by the publication.
  5. Our Political Essay is essentially a non-profit endeavor. As a result, contributors do not receive royalties. (Nor does the publication. Our Political Essay is ad-free and self-funded.)
  6. The publication reserves the right to severe ties with a contributor if necessary. Failure to abide by this agreement is grounds for such.

This agreement set forth by both parties is active as of the date first written above.

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