Ka Ulukoa: Parent Agreement

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  1. I/We as parents will refrain making negative comments on the sidelines about other players and their performance on the court.
  2. I/We will not approach and/or question the coaches (including the assistant coach) during or after the tournaments. I/We will not inquire about my child’s playing time or position. I understand that I am able to set an appointment with the coaches (at their earliest convenience) regarding any questions or concerns I have. I understand that I must set an appointment by email.
  3. I/We will not approach the scorekeepers, linesmen, referees during or after games. I/We will also refrain from making comments to the above.
  4. I/We will refrain from using foul language at tournaments or other functions at which KAULUKOA is represented.
  5. I/We understand that KAULUKOA is a youth development program that includes a dietary regimen prior to and during national events. I/We will honor and support the regimen the club director and/or club representative, including coaches and chaperone, incorporates during such events. I will entrust the coach and chaperone to meet each athlete’s dietary needs during these events.
  6. I/We understand that the travel team expenses (Team, Coaches and Chaperone travel expenses) will be equally divided per player. It will not be prorated.
  7. I/We understand that during national venues, the athletes will be residing and sleeping in their own rooms. Team exception: Boys and Girls 12 and 13 teams.
  8. I/We understand that when the team travels to national events, the team van is reserved for the following: Coaches, Players, and Chaperone. I understand that I am expected to make arrangements for my own rental car or transportation.
  9. I/We understand if I decide to travel with the team, I must accept the times and dates of the arrangement(s). If not, I will need to make my own travel arrangements.
  10. I/We understand that the success of the organization relies on the cooperation of all its members. Therefore, I/we as parents will be supportive of the program, its policies, and all of its members.
  11. I/We understand that if we have grievances, concerns, or comments, we will follow the Conflict Resolution Policy that is laid out in the KAULUKOA Manual.

I/We understand that the articles presented in this Parent Agreement have the best interest of all parties in mind. I/We recognize that a failure to comply with this agreement will result in the following sanctions:

1st Offense – Written Warning from the Club Director

2nd Offense – Removal (parent) from team functions

3rd Offense – Removal (parent and player) from Ka Ulukoa without a refund.

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