Kalon eSports Contract

Kalon eSports Player Contract


The players of Kalon eSports Fortnite team have agreed to play under the name Kalon. While playing under Team Kalon, members are expected to participate in competitions, create videos/content, promote sponsors, practice regularly, stream on social media platforms. The terms and policies of this contract are discussed below.


Team Kalon holds the right to remove or prosecute any player violating such terms at will.

Team Kalon will not be held accountable for any cheating allegations against members. Any Member caught using external cheats for Fortnite or breaking Epic Games’ TOS/EULA can be released by the Team Kalon CEO’s.

Any player wanting to leave the team must allow two weeks of prior notice by contacting either Josh (Joshh#1723) or Georgiana (Georgiana#1996) on discord.

If a player is inactive or no longer able to participate competitively, Team Kalon CEO’s have the right to null and void this player’s contract immediately.

Team Kalon is not responsible for any injury or crime committed, as well as threats or attacks made byany of the players on the team.


Following the signing of this contract, the player who signed this document is hereby obligated to play/represent Team Kalon for 30 days. If this player chooses to leave prior to the 30 days, it may be discussed only with the Team Kalon CEO’s by contacting either Josh (Joshh#1723) or Georgiana (Georgiana#1996) on discord. Only Team Kalon CEO’s have the right to terminate this contract. Team Kalon CEO’s have the right to hold the player’s contract up until the 30 days are up. Team Kalon CEO’s have the right to release the player to another team or organisation. Team Kalon CEO’s havethe right to sell this contract to another company or organisation if they may choose. Upon selling of this contract, the player is released from Team Kalon and is obligated to play for the organisation who bought the remainder of the contract. That organisation has the right to then terminate this contract at anytime in which they may choose. If Team Kalon CEO’s decline a player’s request for termination of contract, then the player has the right to buy out the remainder of their contract. The total for the purchase of the contract will be calculated by Team Kalon. After 30 days has ended, both parties may renegotiate and sign again.


Everyone signing this contract retain the following rights:

All roster changes are left up to the team leaders stated here: Josh (Joshh#1723) or Georgiana (Georgiana#1996) AND Team Kalon. Team Kalon has the right to dismiss a player only if a part of the code of conduct has been breached.


In the case that a player breaks the code of conduct at a tournament in which there is a prize or Team Kalon, or their sponsors are in any way financing then that player forfeits their share of the ending prize. If a situation is not included in this contract, Team Kalon may take the matter to court. Persson or persons signing this contract may not take any member of Team Kalon to court for any legal matter. Should a player break the code of conduct, that player will have the right to dismissal. If the player begins a LAN event at a venue, they have the right to finish the final or LAN event and collect his rightful share of the prize. If this is not the case, the player may be dismissed instantly. Legal action may not be taken upon Team Kalon.


All members applying for Team Kalon must sign under the following age conditions:

13 – 15 years: You or your parent or guardian can sign. Guardians must be aware of the signing.

16 years or older: You must sign.