Work for Trade Agreement

Work for trade agreement.

This agreement is hereby made and entered on this date, date, by and between:

Contractor Name, of Contractor Company, hereafter called Contractor,


Client Name, of Client Organization, hereafter called Client.

The said parties, for the considerations hereinafter mentioned, hereby agree to the following:

The Contractor agrees to provide labor required to perform the work as described:

Contractor Services Provided
in exchange for the following:

Client Offering

under the following conditions:

Conditions of exchange

Contractor agrees to keep records of hours worked and the records will be available for review by Client. Client agrees to reimburse Contractor for expenses agreed between the Client and Contractor, in order to complete necessary work as required.

The Contractor agrees to complete work at the best of their experience and skills and to consult with the Contractor regularly to complete work according to the following time frame conditions:

Agreement timeline

Contract to be on a month to month basis. Either party shall provide one week's notice for termination or amendment of the agreement.



Client Name (Client)

Client Signed Date


Contractor Name (Contractor)

Contractor Signed Date