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The Game Reviews team offer a Safe and Private Gamer resource, all of our webpages are Safe and Secure, ensuring all of our readers enjoy our game reviews. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988 and the European Privacy Directive, Game Reviews is doesn't share any data submitted via email or via our database of subscribers, without the direct consent of our subscribers and members. ( Revised 14th July 2014)

We check our website daily to ensure no problems exist for our readers and subscribers, with security website reviews from Securi Net with open access profiles such as the Game Review Report on Securi. We also scan our website with other online security websites of which we have added the Security reports below in order to verify the Game Reviews status.

The Yandex Security Report of Game Reviews

The McAfee Security Report of Game Reviews

The Norton Safe Web Security Report of Game Reviews

The Google Safe Browsing Report of Game Reviews

The Browser Defender Security Report of Game Reviews

The AVG Security Report of Game Reviews

We also use Cookies via Google Analytics, this is the only form of website tracking currently used by the Game Reviews team. During the next few months we will be adding a Subscriber Button, of which will allow our online readers to subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter and competitions. Game Reviews Homepage -

The above Security and Privacy statement cover the following sections of our website resource:

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