Rental Agreement - Plain Language Lease - July 01, 2019

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This is a plain language lease I used for years with tenants in Pennsylvania.

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1) PARTIES: This agreement is entered into on this date 7/1/2019 between the following parties RESIDENT(S): Lynda and Nate Bour and MANAGER: Jon Leitzel. Resident agrees to rent from the owner of the premises at the following location subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

2) SUBJECT PROPERTY: 15439 Federal Rd. La Pine, OR. 97739


a) This lease begins on 7/1/2019. This lease ends on 7/1/2020.

b) To end this lease Landlord or Tenant must give 30 days notice before the ending date or any renewal period.

c) This lease automatically renews on a month-to-month basis if not ended or changed by either party.


Rent $ Monthly 

Total Due $200.00

Total rent due for entire

length of lease $2,400

5) ADDRESS TO SEND RENT PAYMENTS: PO Box 3570 La Pine, OR. 97739.  

6) TRADITIONAL DELIVERY OF PAYMENTS: Please be advised that any payments lost in the mail will be treated as if unpaid until received by management. If a check is returned unpaid for whatever reason, checks will no longer be accepted for at least six months. Resident will be required to pay by certified funds only. To avoid potential problems, we suggest one of the worry free payment methods.

7) CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION: Landlord will provide Tenant a copy of Landlord’s Certificate of Registration at the execution of this Lease or commencement of the term. If Landlord files an amended certificate during the term of this Lease, Landlord shall furnish Tenant with a copy of the amended certificate within seven (7) days after the amended certificate is filed with the municipal clerk, or with such other municipal official as is designated by the clerk.

8) NUMBER OF OCCUPANTS: The most people allowed to live in the leased property are 3 adults 1 children. Names of all occupants not signing this lease: Nate Bour, Logan, Bour, Anthony Leitzel-Cerda + 2 Dogs + 1 Cat

9) ADDITIONAL RESIDENTS: Persons other than those specifically listed on the Rental Agreement shall be strictly prohibited from staying in the rental unit for more than 7 consecutive days, or a total of 20 days in any twelve month period. For purposes of this section, "staying in the rental unit" shall include, but not be limited to, long-term or regular house guest, live-in baby sitters, visiting relatives, etc. Resident shall notify the Management in writing any time the Resident expects any guest will be staying in excess of the time limits in this paragraph. Additional residents cannot occupy the premised without first being approved by management and are subject to full screening procedures. If additional residents are accepted, this is also subject to additional rent and security deposit being required. Unauthorized residents are a violation of this agreement and are grounds for termination.


a) Primary Residence: Tenant agrees to use the leased property as a private residence only for tenant and authorized occupants only.

b) Use of Leased Property Tenant agrees not to use the leased property for any unlawful or hazardous purposes. Tenant needs written permission from Landlord before using the leased property for any business or profession.

c) Obey all laws: Tenant agrees to obey government housing regulations, local and state laws, and condominium and home owner association rules as they apply to Tenants.

d) Keep safe and clean: Tenant agrees to keep the leased property safe against fire and water damage. Tenant agrees to remove trash, garbage, and other waste in a safe manner.

e) Heating sources: Tenant agrees not to use any other heating source than the one provided in the leased property. Tenant will keep temperature at 60 degrees or above at all times.


a) No Noise: Tenant is responsible for the behavior and conduct of all people, either living with or visiting the Tenant. It is Tenant’s responsibility to make sure these individuals behave in a manner that will not disturb neighbors.

b) Phone Numbers: Tenant agrees to provide Landlord with current home and work phone numbers and will tell Landlord of any change in these numbers.


a) Government Regulations: Landlord agrees to keep the leased property and common areas as required by law or government regulation.

b) Good Repair: Landlord agrees to keep in good repair and working order the electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, air conditioning, and all other services. Tenant will advise Landlord in writing of any of these items not in good repair or working order. Landlord is not responsible for damage caused by Tenant negligence or intentional acts.

13) FINANCIAL HARDSHIP: Because unforeseen circumstances may occur during the rental term which may create difficulty for residents to make timely rent payment, residents agree to work with owner and permit direct contact from the owner with the following individuals, companies or organizations for assistance in past due rental payments. Please provide names and phone numbers of individuals who may be able to provide assistance for payment of rent should you need temporary financial assistance.

Emergency Contact #1

Name Nate BourPhone 541-206-8029

14) CONDUCT: Resident, family and guests shall not make or allow unreasonable noise or sound. Resident and/or guests shall not disturb other Residents' peaceful enjoyment of the premises. Disorderly conduct will result in a notice to vacate the premises and termination of agreement. In addition, Residents are responsible for all actions and damages caused by Resident's guests..

15) VALIDITY OF EACH PART: If any portion of this Agreement is held to be invalid, its invalidity will not affect the enforceability of any other provision.

16) GROUNDS FOR TERMINATION: The failure of Resident or guests to comply with any term of this agreement is grounds for termination, with appropriate notice and procedures required by law.

17)    READ THIS ENTIRE AGREEMENT: That Resident has read all the stipulations contained in the rental agreement, agrees to comply and has received a copy thereof.

18) SMOKING: No smoking will be allowed in the unit.

Resident's signature:___________________________________ Date _______________

Resident's signature:___________________________________ Date _______________

Manager signature:____________________________________ Date _______________

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