Virginia Codicil to Will

A codicil is a formal amendment to a will. This is a Virginia Codicil. The form and contents of a codicil will vary by state. A codicil should be executed with all of the formalities required for executing a will, which also vary by state. As with wills, attaching a self-proving affidavit can be very helpful. Different states will have different requirements for self-proving affidavits.

This codicil is meant to revoke a designated provision and
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[FIRST] Codicil to Will of

I, [NAME OF TESTATOR], of[CITY/COUNTY], Virginia, make this [FIRST] Codicil to my Will dated [DATE WILL WAS SIGNED].

I hereby revoke [ARTICLE/SECTION/PARAGRAPH BEING REPLACED] of my Will in its entirety and substitute the following in its place:


This is where the new provision goes. Because of the way this codicil is written, the new provision needs to be written out here in its entirety.

Except as amended in this codicil, I re-declare and republish my Will.

In testimony whereof, I,[NAME OF TESTATOR], sign and seal this instrument consisting of ____ pages, and on all pages of which I have placed my initials, on [DATE THIS CODICIL WILL BE SIGNED].


[NAME], Testator

The Testator signed, sealed, published, and declared this as [his/her] codicil in our presence on the date shown above. At the request of the Testator, we have both signed our names as witnesses in the presence of each other and the Testator. All of this occurred while we were all present at the same time.







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The line next to the page number is for the testator to initial.

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