Washington - Articles of Incorporation Fax Filing Form

Use this form to fax-file your Washington Articles of Incorporation, rather than do an on-line filing that includes the default Preemptive Rights and Cumulative Voting provisions of Washington law. See my Articles of Incorporation form for an alert as to these issues.


VIA FACSIMILE 360-664-8781

Corporations Division

Office of the Secretary of State

PO Box 40234

Olympia, WA 98504-0234

Re: Expedited Filing of Articles of Incorporation of [CompanyName]

Dear Corporations Division:

Enclosed please find two copies of the above-referenced document for expedited filing with your office, together with payment instructions. I would appreciate it if you could mail the file-stamped originals to me at the above address.

Thank you for your assistance. Please call me at [FilerPhone]if you have any questions with regard to this filing.



For Office Use Only

Response # ____________________

Reference # ____________________


Failure to complete this form in its entirety will result in rejection of the documents submitted for filing.

Date: [DocumentDate]


Corporations Division

Office of the Secretary of State

Faxed To:



Company Name: [COMPANYNAME]

Return Mailing Address: [FilerName]


Requested Service: Expedited filing

Payment Information: MasterCard or VISA only

Credit Card Number: ____________________

Credit Card Expiration Date: _______________________

Cardholder Name: ____________________________

Authorized Cardholder Signature: _____________________________


Authorized Amount:$200 ($180 filing fee plus $20 expedited service fee)

Note: Please remember, in addition to the regulatory or filing fee charged, a $20.00 expedited fax filing fee must be included in the total payment amount authorized.

Contact Name: [FilerName]

Contact Phone: [FilerPhone]

All documents received via facsimile filing are subject to a 48-hour processing time. Any questions regarding facsimile filing should be directed to either 360-753-7115 or 360-753-7120.

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