Concealed Carry Letter of Appeal

Concealed Carry Letter of Appeal

Concealed Carry Letter of Appeal

This is in response to the decision your office has made on my request to apply for a firearms license in the State of (name of state), which was revoked on (reason for revocation) grounds.

I acknowledge the swift action you have made with regards to this matter. I also believe that you have acted on good judgment to arrive at a decision to revoke my license. I am also aware that I am not in a position to question the authority of your office in such matters.

However, I can still assume my right to provide an answer to this action in the hopes that you may reconsider my application for a firearms license. Hence, I am writing to you with the sole intent of appealing for a reversal as I possess the proper reasons to own and use a firearm.

Please take time to consider the following points:

  1. Safety - The community in which I live is noted for high criminal activity. Even so, having settled here for (no. of years) years, I have no intention of moving elsewhere where my family and I can enjoy a safer social environment. Moreover, my wife and I have already found stable jobs, but the wages we received on a monthly basis could hardly cover the costs of living, let alone finance a move to another location. My children, on the other hand, will find it difficult to adjust to a new community as they are already attached to the current neighborhood we are living in. Considering this issue, there is a necessity for me to carry a firearm on the grounds of protecting the lives of my wife and children, as well as our property. To my mind, this is the only practical solution we could afford as a means of adapting in our current place.
  1. Proper education - In terms of having knowledge about gun safety, I have taken up concealed carry classes online. I have completed (no. of hours) hours of training facilitated by licensed and experienced instructors that discussed about gun safety, maintenance and storage. I alsounderwent marksmanship training that allowed me to better use my gun in certain situations that demand for it. With the training and knowledge I have acquired, I have full confidence in myself in using my gun responsibly and preventing any unwanted incidences.
  1. No criminal records or previous felonies - Aside from the fact that I have knowledge as to the use and proper handling of a firearm, it is also important to note that I have no previous records in this state or else where in the country whatsoever. I have not even a committed a felony of any degree that would tarnish the good reputation that I enjoy until now. Moreover, I have always been a law abiding citizen in this state, and I will continue to be as I enjoy my constitutional right to bear arms.

I am appealing to your good office to review these terms and allow for a reversion of your prior decision regarding my firearms license. Otherwise, I will appreciate any feedback thereof.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you and may the Good Lord give you more power!

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