This is a simple agreement that you should sign with the contractor you hired to paint your house. More information is available at

Connie Thomas, 124 North 100 East, Hyde Park, UT 84318 (“Property Owner and/or Representative), hereby hires KMC of UTAH with an office at 555 South 100 East, Suite 90, Smithfield, UT 84335 ("Painter")

  1. WORK TO BE DONE: Painter agrees to prep, scrape, sand, fill, caulk, prime, and paint mutually agreed sections of the PROPERTY, including: ALL KITCHEN CABINETS, KITCHEN ISLAND, STAIRWAY BANNISTER, and Mini Cubby-Hole DOOR/FRAME.
  2. Work will be done in a professional and high quality manner. Painter will prepare, mask, fill, sand, and paint all mutually agreed areas. The Painter will also clean and debris and remove all tools upon completion of the work.
  3. TOTAL COST: In consideration of Painter’s painting the agreed sections of the property, Property Owner and/or Representative will pay $1580.00 to Painter, the sum of as described specifically , in the ESTIMATE. KMC of UTAH GUARANTEES that the Final Amount Due will NOT exceed the ORIGINAL ESTIMATE.
  4. TIME FOR PERFORMANCE: Painter will start the job on approximately 12/30/2019.
  5. SUPPLIES AND TOOLS: Property Owner and/or Representative shall purchase all materials to be used on the job, based on Painter’s estimate of the quantity of paint and other necessary materials needed. Painter shall supply all labor and other equipment needed to complete the job, including sanding tools, brushes, ladders, and anything else deemed necessary by the Painter to do a high quality job.
  6. SCHEDULE FOR PAYMENTS: Property Owner and/or Representative will pay Painter a required DEPOSIT of $790.00 equal to 50% of the ESTIMATED total amount, in paragraph 3 prior to the painter starting work. Homeowner will make a FINAL PAYMENT of $790.00, due on completion of work.
  7. WARRANTY: Painter warrants that they will perform the work in a professional and workmanlike manner. Painter further warrants that the paint will last for (10) years. If cracking or bubbling does occur, Painter will return and make the necessary repairs at no additional cost toProperty Owner and/or Representative

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