Letter of Engagement - Digital Advertising Services

This letter of engagement states the intention to enter into a digital advertising services engagement. It is not intended to replace a master services agreement, but it does have terms that would kick in if the agency puts in substantial effort only to have the client away.

By reading or downloading this document, you understand that Fridman Law Group PLLC is not providing you legal advice nor engaging in any form of business solicitation. This
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Client Name

Client Address

Attention: Client Rep

Re: Letter of Engagement

Dear Client Rep,

This letter is to confirm your engagement of Agency (“Agency” or “we”) for the development of the Project. We are very excited to be working with you and your organization.

Upon execution of this letter of engagement, together we will commence the discovery phase of our partnership. At the end of discovery, we will provide the following for your approval:

• Detailed scope of work and deliverables

• Fee estimate

Additionally, we wish to agree to the terms and conditions of our partnership with you via a Master Services Agreement (the “MSA”), integrating all our commitments to both organizations. We will begin this conversation by sending you our standard version for your review.

As we finalize the Statement of Work (the “SOW”) and MSA, we will bill you for the estimated project fee of $Fee [OR “ the estimated fee for work being completed”], which will be payable within 30 days of receipt of our invoice. When the SOW has been completed, we will adjust future billings to reconcile to the approved fee.

If either of us terminates this engagement after Agency has begun ideation, design and development work, and in the event that the MSA or SOW is not finalized by Expiration Date, or if you fail to make the required payments set out above, we may suspend services pending execution of the MSA, or payment of amounts due, and invoice you for the work in progress on a time-and-materials basis at our standard rates. If we do not receive payment of our invoice as agreed net 30, you will reimburse us for resulting costs and legal fees.

Please have this letter executed by an authorized representative and fax it to us at your earliest convenience.



By: Agency Rep

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By: Client Rep

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