Revocation Of Acceptance

Revocation of acceptance.

WHEREAS, on Enter date of delivery, Enter party revoking acceptance received delivery of the following described goods from Enter name of party providing faulty goods:

Enter description of the goods

and, WHEREAS, the goods so described were non-conforming to the contract because of:

Enter the reason that the goods were defective

and, WHEREAS, on Enter date of demand for adequate assurance, a demand for adequate assurance was made to Enter name of party providing faulty goods,

and Enter party revoking acceptance asserts pursuant to Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code of the state of Enter state where delivery took place a lien on the goods for damages caused by the non-conformity.

Therefore, Enter party revoking acceptance revokes its acceptance of the goods.

Dated: _______________________________


Enter party revoking acceptance by an authorized officer

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