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Strobeck Startup Incentive Model — Contributor agreement

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All of the following language is in adherence to the profit sharing agreement.

I am a contributor.

I am not an employee or contractor of the company.

All use of the term compensation is per the profit sharing agreement.

I will keep track of my time and will not be compensated. I will maintain all compensation records on a rolling weekly basis. The company reserves the right to discard records outside of that timeframe.

I will be compensated 15% of the contributor’s compensation for their first year of involvement beginning when a Trial Contributor Agreement or Contributor Agreement is agreed upon between the company and the candidate, whichever comes first, as a direct result of my role as a recruiter and only in the event that the trial contributor is added as a contributor.

I will give proper notice about the work I do for the company, and it must be approved work. The team may discard my hours if nothing is generated, produced, or otherwise gained for the company, per the team’s interpretation.

I can leave the company at any time and my profit sharing will continue indefinitely with the exception of causing damage to the company.

If the company is not profitable, it owes me nothing.

I will make every effort to benefit the company.

If I am liable for damages to the company, that may impact my profit sharing with the company. If I am liable for damages to the company, the company reserves the right to terminate my profit sharing agreement.

My work to help build the company is owned by the company. In the event that I leave the company, my work is given freely to the company without any expectation and compensation.

I will keep all matters of the business private.

The company reserves the right to take legal action if the terms of this agreement are not met.

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