The purchase of the imperium community

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This document will document the agreement between Bar, Orel and Matt(AKA Amit).

This document was written on the 18th to April, 2016, 02:41.

Orel and Bar, also known as Side A, will purchase the Imperium Roleplay Community for the fee of $300, from Matt(AKA Amit), who is known as Side B.

The money will be transfered to Matt, AKA Amit, via paypal. When the transaction is complete, the script, as well as the FTP & Panel details, will be handed over to Side A by Side B.

Side A will be purchasing the following items:

- The forum community(

- The server community(

- The gamemode & script (both will be handed over via Skype by Side B to Side A).

- The IRC channels of the server(Details will be handed over via Skype by Side B to Side A).

Upon selling the community, Side A will become the sole owners of Imperium Roleplay Community.

Side B will no longer have responsibility upon the script, or the community itself. Side B will not be required to fix any bugs that were found by Side A after the transaction is made, as well as is not required to enhance the script and add new features to it.

Side A will not be allowed to publish the code, at any given day, to anyone without Side B's permission, else Side b will be eligble to take action as he desires.

The script is being sold to Side A only, and they are not allowed to sell it or pass it over to 3d parties.

Side B is now longer responsible for the community and does not have to technically support Side A.

Upon signing this document, all parties involved in the deal, agree to the terms stated above.

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