Suit & Tie updated investor document

This is a document explaining the terms and entitlement for revenue shares generated from Suit & Tie.

This document is for all investors for Suit & Tie. This document is applicable to anyone who has sent a payment to me or any associated staff members for revenue share in our upcoming application for iOS, Android, and Steam / web-based platforms in the future.

This application states that per $100 sent/paid/invested, you, (the sender & investor), are entitled to 0.5% (1/200th) of the app's total revenue. Revenue sources include the following:

1. In-App Purchases

2. Ad revenue

3. Merchandising

4. Sponsorship (when applicable)

Payments will be sent out on a monthly basis, however at the discretion of the staff & management, payments may be sent out early or at a faster rate. For any reason any investor may request that their payments be sent out at the same time every month, on the month.

All sources of revenue will be monitored and publicly available, so that you can see when people are making purchases, when ad companies are paying us out, when we sell merchandise, and any other applicable form of income generated by Suit & Tie.

All payments will be made through a Wire, or in smaller instances Paypal. Requests can be made to Timothy Selph for other options of payment.

All revenue from Suit & Tie will be held in an account and never used for any purpose other than to pay investors their % of revenue. At the end of the month any leftover funds will be transferred to a separate account and held for 3 calendar months.

After 3 months these funds may be used for any purpose if not needed or for some reason claimed.

By signing this document you agree to the above statements. You understand that this document is only applicable if you have paid for a portion of revenue in any way shape or form.

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