Sid Engel - Hourly Web Development Contract

Basic payment agreement between a web developer and a client for work billed hourly.

Web Development Contractor Agreement

Developer: Developer Name

Client: Client Name

Project Name: Project-Name

Date: Jun 11, 2017


This document briefly outlines terms of service and expectations for my role as a developer, and yours as a client.


As a developer, you can expect me to produce quality code conforming to current web standards. I will strive to create the cleanest, and most elegant code possible, with very little to no "quick fixes".

As a client, you are expected to reply in a timely fashion, as well as provide me with anything I need to complete the project(hosting panel access, ftp access, etc.).


I bill per hour (unless a specific contract for a set amount of work is agreed upon otherwise) at an hourly rate of Rate. Each line item will be described and commented on the invoice. Time billed constitutes development time, meeting/working-session time, and in general any other time at my expense geared toward your project with the exception of any travel time. Meetings that incur a fair amount of small talk and/or non-business activity will not be billed.


The rate of invoicing depends on the amount of monthly work, but typically I invoice at the end or beginning of the project. Payment should be postmarked within Payment Period of the invoice date, though I always appreciate payment as soon as possible. After Non-payment Period of non-payment, I reserve the right to put work on hold until payment is received.


Work is limited to a maximum of Project Effort hours, unless additional hours are pre-coordinated with the client. All source code and other artifacts developed under this agreement will remain the sole property of the client.

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