Employee Termination Letter Tech Start Up

Termination Letter for Tech Start Up.

[Name of Employee]

Re: Employee Termination Letter

Dear [insert name of departing employee]:

Based on your decision to terminate your employment, we want to advise you of our exit procedures.

All work-related materials or media in your personal possession should be returned to the Company before your last day of employment. This includes such things as your rolodex (except for exclusively personal names and numbers), business calendar, computer files, and technical documentation. This also includes any personal copies of materials or media that you might previously have made or been given for your individual use. Nothing should be destroyed or deleted without permission.

The Company protects a large amount of work-related information as confidential. This includes all technical information, internal financial information, and customer information that is not generally available to the public. In addition, the Company has agreed to protect as confidential various forms of information supplied by customers, contractors, suppliers, and licensors.

It has been your responsibility as a key employee of the Company to protect and keep safe such information. Following termination of your employment, you will continue to be legally obligated not to use or disclose such nonpublic information except with the Company's permission.

The Company reserves the right to call on you, as needed, in order to aid in the prosecution of patents or the protection of other intellectual property rights which arose out of your prior employment. If the Company does so, it will provide you with reasonable advance notice and pay any necessary pre-approved expenses and a reasonable hourly fee for your time.

We have asked [insert name of Company officer] to coordinate with you to make sure that your work winds up properly and to help you comply with the foregoing exit procedures. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to me or, if you wish, we can ask our attorneys to be available to talk to you or your attorney.

There will be additional exit procedures that [insert name of Company representative] will be handling in order to deal with such things as keys, credit cards, insurance, etc.

I will find a more appropriate moment closer to your last day to thank you for your past work and to offer our support and good wishes for the future.

Sincerely yours,

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