Web Development Contractor Agreement

Basic payment agreement between a web developer and a client for work billed hourly.

Web Development Contractor Agreement

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This document briefly outlines terms of service and expectations for my role as a consultant. This only casually outlines my own expectations and is not a replacement for a non-disclosure or other agreement, typically requested by the client.


As a developer, you can expect me to produce quality code conforming to web standards and established best practice in the software development community. I always strive to develop clean, elegant, and well-factored solutions to problems.


I bill per hour (unless a specific contract for a set amount of work is agreed upon otherwise) at a rate of Rate. Each line item will be described and commented on the invoice and time is specified in units of Billing Increment. Time billed constitutes development time, meeting/working-session time, and in general any other time at my expense geared toward your project with the exception of any travel time. Meetings that incur a fair amount of small talk and/or non-business activity will either not be billed or I’ll estimate time based on productive work engaged therein.


The rate of invoicing depends on the amount of monthly work, but typically I invoice twice a month. Payment should be postmarked within Payment Period of the invoice date, though I always appreciate payment as soon as possible. After Non-payment Period of non-payment, I reserve the right to put work on hold until payment is received. Make checks payable to:

Developer's Name

Developer's Address


Work is limited to a maximum of Project Effort unless additional hours are pre-coordinated with the client. All source code and other artifacts developed under this agreement will remain the sole property of the client.