Retainer Agreement - April 16, 2019

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This is a simple retainer agreement for design services. Original can be found at:

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By signing this agreement, Chelsea Zendarski (“Client”) has retained Arielle Evano (“Service Provider”) to proceed with graphic design services for the period 04/16/19 to 06/01/19, and agrees to the terms and conditions as set forth in this Agreement.

During this period, Service Provider agrees to deliver the following services determined by both Service Provider and Client.  Work priority and scheduling will be at the discretion of Client as Service Provider agrees to be "on call" to discuss the project if the Client has questions or wants to make changes. The "editable by client" end date of project is June 1st 2019. 

Payment for these services will be to Service Provider at the rate of $300 for services rendered from 4/16/2019 to 06/01/2019 and will be for the outlined below. An invoice will be emailed to client and services will be paid through Paypal. Domain Services are PAID through 07/12/2019.


Description of Design Services:

Website Security Updates
Plugin Updates
Re-formatting Design
Adding New Contact forms
24/7 Availability via phone/Email
Logo created
Header redone
Navigation menu changed to Hamburger drop down menu 
3 Permalinks will be added to back end for service consults

This agreement may be terminated on 30 days’ written notice by either Service Provider or Client. In case of termination, Service Provider shall make a reasonable attempt to finish work in progress.

Arielle Evano - Freelance Web Design 


Chelsea Zendarski -




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