Gadadhar Singha 2 last battle with the Mughals

This is a story of a great king Gadadhar Singha. A king whom circumstances caused a lover to be a cruel king. Human will die but the History always remain.

Gadadhar Singha gave Ahom

a new height during his reign. At the time when Ahom was shattered, Jaymati and Gadadhar Singha protected Ahom and at the same time liberated the people of Assam from the atrocities of Lalukasola, Lora Raja and Mughals. Time is very cruel. A loving Gadapaani was made the ruthless Gadaghar Singh. Who punished every Guilty person. Not pardon even his Brother-in-Law and Brother's spared. The abominable politics of 1671 to 1681 probably made a lover a ruler. For some he was great and for some, he was unkind king. However, Assam was a powerful and prosperous state at that time and he was a powerful king.