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Version 1.0, published October 15, 2012.

These Gift Card Terms set forth an agreement between you and Rdio with respect to the vouchers, gift cards, prepaid cards or other preset purchase offerings made available by Rdio (on or through the Rdio Service or otherwise). Rdio’s website is located at www.rdio.com (the “Rdio Site”). We refer to the Rdio Site and the software applications made available by Rdio as the “Service Applications”, and we refer to the Service Applications and the service provided through the Service Applications, collectively, as the “Rdio Service”). These Gift Card Terms are included as Section 6 of, and form a part of, the Rdio Payment Terms.

In these Gift Card Terms, “Rdio” means either Rdio, Inc., a Delaware corporation, with its principal business address at 1550 Bryant Street, Ste. 200, San Francisco, CA 94103 (if you are using the Rdio Service in the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand), or Rdio S.à.r.l., a company organized under the laws of Luxembourg, with its registered office at 20, rue Eugène Ruppert, L-2453 Luxembourg, registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Company Register, Section B, under number 157.928 (if you are using the Rdio Service in any country within the European Union or otherwise outside of the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, except Brazil).

From time to time, Rdio will make vouchers, gift cards, prepaid cards or other preset purchase offerings available (collectively, the “Purchase Offerings”). Purchase Offerings will be designated for specific products or services (e.g., a 1-month subscription), or allocated specific currency amounts (e.g., a $20 or €20 voucher), or as may otherwise be described on the Rdio Service. Any Purchase Offering allocated a specific currency amount and redeemed by you will credit your Rdio account with that specific currency amount, which may be applied against music downloads, subscription amounts or other products and services made available on the Rdio Service from time to time. Any balance remaining in your account may continue to be applied against future products and services provided that your account is credited with further Purchase Offerings at least once in any two year period. Purchase Offerings redeemed in a given territory, or redeemed for a given currency, will only be able to be used in that territory and/or will only be able to apply against purchases in that currency. If you relocate to a different territory, or if you change the applicable currency pursuant to which you are charged for your Rdio subscription tier, the redemption value of your Purchase Offering will not be applied. Additionally, any strategic transaction (like a merger, sale of all or substantially all assets or securities or other similar transaction) involving Rdio and/or any suspension or termination of your account or the Rdio Service by Rdio will cause any remaining balance to immediately expire.

The purchase price of a Purchase Offering is refundable to the original purchaser within 14 days of the date of purchase, provided, and only to the extent that the given Purchase Offering is not redeemed (whether by the original purchaser or any recipient) within such 14 day period. On and after the date that a Purchase Offering is redeemed, the purchase price of such Purchase Offering will not be refundable. Purchase Offerings are not redeemable for cash and any unused portion may not be returned for cash or any other value. Purchase Offerings may not be used for any purpose other than as expressly disclosed thereon or in these Payment Terms, and will not be replaced if lost, destroyed or stolen.

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