ARCHITECTS IN JALANDHAR is the professional Architects in Jalandhar. Knesta Architecture Firm specialized in Interior and Exterior Design Architect Services in Punjab.


Knesta Architects is the well-known, famous, trusted able architecture and Interior Designer in Jalandhar. Knesta is an integrated global design firm that unites a dynamic team of architects, engineers, industry experts and builders driven by a singular goal – ‘To burnish our skills and be the masters of our profession, by exacting ourselves to constantly evolve with every new project that we take up.’

We have clear plans to provide the best services to our clients across the globe. We have successfully completed more than projects for clients spread across worldwide. We want to achieve complete client satisfaction in all our engagements.

Knesta is the Best Architects in Jalandhar. Our firm is a combination of Architects, Designers, CGI Engineers and Civil Engineers. Our Architectural firm provides services like Planning, Interior Designing, 3D-Views, Project management, Renovation & Conservation, Graphic Design and more. Knesta Architects in Jalandhar response to clients’ needs fully and work with clients to develop and design the space.

Knesta Architects Jalandhar works on scales starting from a small room in a house to an entire city. We design, develop, present, and supervise all sorts of projects. Our knowledge, design skills, and artistic sense make them capable of approaching other paths like graphic design, product design, or even game design.

Our Architectural Plans

*Floor Plans

Knesta Architects in Jalandhar provides best architectural plan for your dream house. Floor plans are necessary to any interior design or architecture project. With our floor plan, you can see everything in your space as if you took the ceiling off and were looking down. You can see how the entire apartment looks with designer furniture from, giving you a way to see not only how objects fit in the space, but how specific furniture pieces look together.

*Site Plan

Knesta Architects in Jalandhar provides best site plan to see your building view. It can be of anything from a single home to an entire apartment. We focused on specific measurements of the space. Like the floor plan.

*Exterior Elevations

Exterior elevations help you to see the outside of the building and knesta Architects provides you clear view of your dream home. 2D elevations also can have callouts to different kinds of bricks, stones, and paints.

*Interior Elevations

Our professional Interior designer can improve productivity, boost moods from living rooms to conference rooms.

With interior elevations, you can create a normal view with baseboard, windows, and crown molding or a room with all of the furnishings. Knesta Architects in Jalandhar provides best Elevations which is useful when constructing a room such as a kitchen or a bathroom, corridor and other basic elements of house.

Some interior elevations are drawn in the 2D. These help you to show measurements, what the room looks like, or what the fully furnished space looks like.

*Landscape Plans

Designing the exterior and interior of a space is only the beginning of creating a home or business and buildings. Without proper landscaping, your space will look incomplete.

There are many designers that need years of training to specifically create beautiful landscapes.

What Types of Architectural Services we Offer:

Knesta team of qualified and experienced engineers provides interior-designed and architectural services. We also provide a large variety of services including architectural programming and project management. Some services are:



Knesta provides a complete drawing and design services including free initial consultation. We manage all process with local authorities and keep our customers fully informed of the process of their application along the way.


We keep our design simple, elegant and less time. We believe that spaces need to touch our emotions and feeling apart.


We handle issues of site analysis, access, circulation, local development, urban design, landscaping and parking. Knesta team will partner with you and provide you with a cohesive team to sense your need.

Our Architectural Process:

  • Planning Project Programming, setting the scope of the project
  • Schematic, or Preliminary Design, to develop a true sense of the project.
  • Design Development and Construction Documents, including coordination with all pertinent engineers and consultant, where appropriate.
  • CAD drawing files, which are available for the owner’s future use.
  • Helping to ensure that clients get what they are contracting for.


Our team of architects, designer and engineers understand the challenges that come with adapting historic structure for new age. Our company design creativity remodels these for a new rich life in the 21st century.


Our firm is multi-tasked at every level. Our project manager offers technical expertise that contributes efficient, on time, within budget projects. Our management process includes design quality, budget management, consultant coordination, monthly reporting.


Our firm in the house studio brings a very huge difference in graphic designs. We take the Graphics at a new level.

Are you looking for the best Room interior design with pictures, Balcony, Bathroom, Bedroom, Corridor, dining room, dressing room, walls, terrace, study/office room, and small garden in your backyard, Floors, Kitchen, and Shed? Knesta Architects Jalandhar will help you in making your Dream house.

If you are confused with some Architecture Design for Home, Building and not sure how to choose the right architect for your project? Knesta Archiects in Jalandhar will help you.


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