WoW Gold Selling Contract -- Christian Niederkircher & Timothy Selph -- 10/18/2016

This summarizes the gold selling contract between myself and my good friend, Christian Niederkircher. Only for his benefit!

This document serves as proof of agreement between a 'Christian Niederkircher' and 'Timothy Selph' for a joint venture investment in selling in-game currency on World of Warcraft. This agreement extends a minimum of three months, (90 days).

This document has been made to acknowledge and officiate the offer from Timothy Selph, the existing and offering party. He has offered Christian Niederkircher the ability to invest $430 and receive a payout in BTC, (Bitcoin), every 3 days. The amount will total to a minimum of $450 per payment, with payments increasing in value at an unknown but expected rate of 5% or more a week.

Timothy Selph agrees to pay Christian Niederkircher every 3 days, with the pay period BEGINNING four days after this document is signed, (to allow time to level all 10 accounts being purchased with the investment).

By signing this document, both parties agree that they have read and understood the terms.