Roommate Agreement

This is a personalized roommate agreement, adapted from Fred Riedel’s.

Roommate Agreement


Address/Premises: [address]

Owner/Lease Holder: [primary resident]

Roommate: [roommate]

Roommate Space:

[roommate space]

Common Areas:

[common areas]

Prohibited Areas:

[prohibited areas]

Start Date: [start date]

End Date: [end date]

Rent: [rent] monthly rent


This agreement gives Roommate the right to occupy Roommate Space at Address/Premises in exchange for payment of Rent from Start Date until End Date (if provided), or until the Roommate’s occupancy is terminated under the terms of this agreement. Both Owner/Lease Holder and Roommate agree to observe the terms and conditions of this Roommate Agreement.


To gain occupancy, Roommate must pay rent for the first month (prorated) and second month ([first payment], total) on or before the Start Date, or at the signing of this agreement. Rent for all other months will be due on or before the first day of that month. If payment is received after the tenth day of the month the Roommate will pay a [late fee] late fee. The last month of rent will be prorated if it does not cover an entire month. All rent payments must be paid by cash or check.

Rent may be adjusted by Owner/Lease Holder by providing sixty (60) day notice to the Roommate.

Rent includes heating and cooling, hot and cold water, electricity, and access to/use of Common Areas.

Public and Private Areas

Owner/Lease Holder must provide two (2) days notice or receive the consent of Roommate to gain access to Roommate Spaces. Conversely, Roommate may not enter Prohibited Areas without the consent of Owner/Lease Holder.

Both Owner/Lease Holder and Roommate will have access to/use of all food, appliances, fixtures, and furniture in the Common Areas (excluding laptops and other portable appliances) and associated accessories (pots and pans, cables, etc.) regardless of owner, unless restrictions are communicated verbally or through the use of a commonly agreed upon sticker system.

Areas of Address/Premises not designated as Roommate Space, Common Areas, or Prohibited Areas will be accessible to Roommate, but Roommate may not leave personal belongings in these areas and has no implicit right to use any possessions of Owner/Lease Holder kept in these areas.


Roommate and Owner/Lease Holder will keep Common Areas reasonably picked-up out of consideration for each other. Responsibility for vacuuming and cleaning Common Areas will be shared. Owner/Lease Holder and Roommate will make a good faith effort to address any concerns by the other party about the neatness or cleanliness of Common Areas.


Owner/Lease Holder may elect to end Roommate’s occupancy of the premises at any time by giving thirty (30) days notice, or fifteen (15) days notice if there is rent at least ten (10) days overdue.

Roommate may elect to end Roommate’s occupancy of the premises at any time by giving thirty (30) days notice.

Such a decision by either party to end the occupancy will not require justification and will not be open to challenge.

Owner/Lease Holder: [primary resident sign and date]

Roommate: [roommate sign and date]

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