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Designer sample contract


This sample designer contract is what I use for my own work. It’s a hybrid of the AIGA, GAG and c...

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Designer sample contract


Posted 2 months ago 

Designer sample contract

Michael - This is off-topic for this site/board. Please send your question to dilemma@designshack.net. It's a help column I write for DesignShack.

Posted 1 year ago 

Designer sample contract

@Andrew - What if you have to run away from the project because the client goes insane (i.e., wanting you to use copyrighted material that doesn't belong to them, unreasonable scope creep, they keep changing their mind but don't want to pay for changes, etc.), how are you going to escape without a lawsuit from them, claiming you held up their business and are responsible for lost income? The legal fees alone will bury you.

Posted 2 years ago