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  • Shareholder agreement with vesting + bad leaver

    Requested 21 days ago

    I am a co-founder of a tech startup that can’t afford to pay a lawyer for this document. I want to get a new team member on board and I want to offer him vested shares as well, but need a document that protects the company. So, a shareholder agreement that includes a vesting schedule + good and bad leaver clauses would do miracles. It would be lovely if you have such a document. Thanks

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  • form for supervised child visit

    Requested 24 days ago

    I need a contract to be signed by a supervisor for supervised visits between child and non custodial parent, stating what the supervisor is required to do during visits, and stating consequince of not following coury order for visit.

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  • Founder Vesting contract by a principal founder

    Requested 26 days ago

    project for 18 months in still in process. Vesting contract for new founders.

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  • Copyright

    Requested 27 days ago

    I need a copyright to include in an ebook I am writing.

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  • transfer of propert

    Requested 27 days ago

    Transfer land from one person to another

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  • Letter requesting documents

    Requested 28 days ago

    I want my complete file from my landlord and she will not give it to me? I'm in the processing of putting together a legal complaint against her and the corporation that owns the complex. They have broken Washing State laws, Landlord Tenant laws, breach of contract. She has targeted harassed fined me , and now found any excuse to evict me. Is there a legal way to force her to give me a copy of my file? Maybe a letter requesting/demanding copys of the documents .

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