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  • Evicting a Family Member from My Rental Apartment

    Requested 24 days ago

    The family member was given the following contract after physically and verbally abusing the primary signer of the rental agreement for the property. 08/05/2016 Re: Cursing and Calling Adults Disrespectful Labels!! You XXXXXXXX have lost the privilege to be identified as the son of XXXXXX. You, if you are to live on this premise [XXXXXXXXXX] will assume the title of boarder. As a boarder in my home you are to pay for your room, use of electricity and internet. This sum is a total of one thousand two hundred dollars [$1200.00]. To take up abode at my home you, XXXXXXXXX, must pay a deposit of one thousand dollars [$1000.00] plus June’s rent. The amount for electricity and internet will be waivered until July. As a boarder in my home you are NEVER to address Ms. XXXX and Mr. XXXX in any manner which is deemed disrespectful. i.e o No use of obscene language o No calling of names o Always say good morning and or good evening o You are only allowed upstairs o No visiting the Living room o No desk top computer o No leaving of the premises after 10 pm Mon-Thur o 11pm Sat – Sun o No leaving of wares in the kitchen sink o No smoking of any kind on the downstairs yard included o Smoke your cigarette in your room. If you cannot live by these standards as a boarder then do not sign. XXXXXXX Subsequently the family member has breached 99% of the contract, Additionally, the family member is now putting the lives of all other family member at risk by bringing and using marijuana on the property.

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  • Permission to use image under and over age 18

    Requested 26 days ago

    I am a piano teacher, putting together website,facebook, instagram pages. I would like to use my student's images and video clips.

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  • Suicide Squad Full Movie

    Requested 28 days ago

    can you pleasse make full movie without any downloads ?? Thanks !!!

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  • A collection of various legal documents

    Requested 1 month ago

    This is a part of the research for Document Title extraction on legal document. It would be great if I could get some assistance with the same. Thanks,

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