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  • Master Agreement Meeting Management Services

    Requested 17 days ago

    Vendor Client MSA for providing meeting management services to corporation

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  • Sample of the supply contract

    Requested 18 days ago


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  • スーパーマン アイフォン 携帯ケース

    Requested 19 days ago

    スーパーマン アイフォン 携帯ケース カップル iphone6s ケース Superman iphone6s plus カバー 可愛い ♥ブランド:スーパーマン ♥対応機種:iphone 6s/6、iphone 6s plus/6 plus ♥カラー: 2色 ♥素材:革製 ♥スタイル:カッコイイ ♥付属品:スーパーマン アイフォンケースの専用箱 ♥タグ:スーパーマン アイフォン 携帯ケース,Superman iphone ケース 可愛い,カップル iphone6s ケース ブランド

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  • Computer Repair release

    Requested 23 days ago

    A document waiving liability to repair or work on computer equipment that may fail or lose data by no fault of the technician.

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  • Share (stock dilution) agreement

    Requested 25 days ago

    We are a startup. We would like to issue additional stock to be sold to investors. Looking for a formal documents required to make this decision and record new shares

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  • Sale of Mobile App sources and code sample

    Requested 29 days ago

    Hello all, I have to sale a mobile app under Android to a possible customer and I need a kind of template sale agreement document. I suppose it's almost like a software sale contract but I never did such kind of documents. Thanks a lot in advance

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  • Sale's agreement over Android App

    Requested 29 days ago

    Hello all, I have to sale an Android app to a customer supporting it with a document for the sale's Agreement. I don't know how to start ... ;-) Anybody can help me ? Many thanks

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