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  • International NDA agreement

    Requested 18 days ago

    I'm assuming but not sure if a International NDA is different that are regular NDA used between 2 companies within the US. If different, are there templates available?

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  • land contract

    Requested 21 days ago

    a contract to acquire commercial real estate with the payment provisions being that of a "lease" for a period of time with a final payment. (at the time of final payment, the deed would be transferred).

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  • drywall contract doc

    Requested 23 days ago

    Looking for a Drywall/ painting agreement document, and bid proposal docs

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  • Contract for speaking/ teaching engagement

    Requested 24 days ago
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  • Bar/Cocktail Menu Design Contract

    Requested 26 days ago

    I am completely unclear on the common practices of this particular design agreement. I would think it would of course have to cover any creative content you'll be working with (like logos, trademark names, etc), and in tandem include the decision that I may or may not manipulate that content and in what way. But I say Bar/Cocktail specifically because once you have that last bit you can really just roll through a regular food menu. The restaurant's agreements with their vendors come into play here, now, right? Is a comprehensive menu of the alcohol carried permitted by each entity who owns the Trademark of that brand-name? Did the restaurant, as a part of their vendor agreement, need to be granted rights? And as a further step, if you were to use a brandname in a house custom cocktail on the menu, what should be included to protect myself if the Vendor disagrees in some way and wants it removed? Following that worst case scenario, I'd want to be reserved as the first pick designer to make that edit, with extended costs. Regardless, I'd like to retain the rights needed to prevent modifications or using elements of it in other campaigns without including me in some manner. I may be asking a lot, though.

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  • The contract of Shareholders

    Requested 28 days ago

    I want a sample of contract of shareholders on Printing, Design and Build website.

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