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  • Pet Photography Photo Release Form

    Requested 9 days ago

    I need the client to allow me to send the photos of their animals to print companies including magazines, newspapers, ect. Also to be used for my own advertisement with printing release to use for gift cards, posters, ect.

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  • Tolling Request for Film Receipts Audit

    Requested 10 days ago

    Hi, I am looking for a letter or agreement addressing tolling (extending) the incontestability period during which a production company can audit a distributor. Thank you!

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  • Plan of Conversion

    Requested 10 days ago

    Converting Limited Partnership to Limited Liability Partnership. North Carolina Statute requires Plan of Conversion, but provides no specifics regarding what to include.

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  • Immigration Services: Checklist for Form I-130

    Requested 15 days ago


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  • Terms and Conditions for directory websites

    Requested 16 days ago

    Hi there, Are there any documents that outline terms and conditions you can place on a business directory website? I'm based in Australia so if there is one more specific to Australian Law that would be great. Cheers, Chris.

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