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  • Joint bond for property

    Requested 12 days ago

    agreement required to regulate this between the two parties outside of the bond

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  • need a private placement memo 504 equity deal

    Requested 13 days ago

    I need a 504 equity (common stock) simple PPM for a non-public company to raise a bit of startup capital. Thanks for your assistance.

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  • permission to use youtube video

    Requested 16 days ago

    television company based in UK want use of my YouTube clip for TV show in Japan

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  • Photo Booth rental contract

    Requested 17 days ago

    I run a photo booth rental business (for weddings, parties, etc.) and it would be great to have one for photo booth rentals. I'll probably upload my own - but just an idea! Thanks!

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  • a partnership contract

    Requested 17 days ago

    partnership contract to team up and join resources to organize an entertainment event

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