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  • business development for Interior business

    Requested 8 days ago

    being a regional head and representing the main company

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  • Living Trust

    Requested 8 days ago

    To set up my assets so that it simplifies inheritance upon my passing

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  • Termination of child support and visitation

    Requested 11 days ago

    The custodial and noncustodial parent agree to terminate the current child support and child visitation/custody orders. Custodial parent(Mother) will have sole custody. The noncustodial parent will not have any financial responsibility for the children in question. He will give them money when he chooses and the children will visit him on their terms.

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  • Equity distribution to business partners

    Requested 13 days ago

    I am a business partner, working toward earning equity in a startup. We made it clear early on that I would earn equity after certain deliverables were met. I would like to present a document to the founder and have them sign the equity distribution, now that my deliverables are met. If I keep waiting for the founder to put together the legal documentation, it may never happen. Any advice?

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  • Non Circumvent Agreement / Don't Steal My Customer

    Requested 14 days ago

    Looking for a lawyer vetted agreement that would hold up in court. Situation to address is I want to discuss a potential partnership/working relationship with an unaffiliated company to provide services to one of my contacts/clients. However, if I can't come to a partnership arrangement with the unaffiliated company, I don't want them going behind my back and trying to solicit my contact/clients directly and cut me out.

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