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  • Simple addition to freelancer contract

    Requested 2 hours ago

    I need a paragraph to insert into an independent contractor agreement that states that, for any particular project, I will notify the Company of any changes to the amount of time/money estimated at the start. I'm working with the independent contractor agreement posted here as part of the freelancer bundle. Thanks!

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  • A limousine type contract for transportation

    Requested 6 days ago

    Overall needs to be generic so it could be filled in for different parties on different dates at different times and must include a clause as to destruction of property or damage to vehicle. ( ie; leaking bodily fluids)

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  • PPD non-disclosure agreement

    Requested 7 days ago

    Dear Ty Furlanic, You have been invited to sign 'Unilateral Nondisclosure Agreement' with mark petersen: Sign and we can talk about Marketing SEO and all that great stuff. Not just talk but in great detail.

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  • Any legal public information about Sari shteierman

    Requested 7 days ago

    Any legal public information about Sari shteierman

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  • terms and Conditons for website development

    Requested 8 days ago
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  • Online directory service agreement

    Requested 10 days ago

    Only service the automotive industry....

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  • Proposal or offer sheet as a host to host events

    Requested 11 days ago
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