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  • T-shirt Collaboration Contract

    Requested 19 hours ago

    Main objective: -We are using a third party company (Teespring) -Clients promote T-shirt we design -Client gets 50% profit from the t-shirt sales -profits will be split via paypal What we provide: -We Design the T-shirt accordingly -A sample T-shirt will be sent to client's address once the the design is confirmed, for promotion. -Link of t-shirt campaign for promoting. -Access to Teespring Team account, for sales/profit monitoring purposes. Expectations from Client: -To provide design samples/ideas of their choice specifically, in details. -Promote link to their audience until campaign ends, the campaign duration will be discussed further. -Client is expected to share through a video, Facebook post, on their blog, a tweet or however he chooses.

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  • Laser Security System

    Requested 1 day ago

    Laser Security System With the increasing power of computers, the previous generation of the encryption system will collapse. Now scientists have discovered a "conquering" of the encryption system, possibly in the near future, our information will never be stolen.This method requires data transmission by laser 5000mw, the main idea is to convert information into no coherent photon beam, so that even if the monitoring information in the line, to see just a bunch of disorganized photons only. However, this method requires a special conversion system, and that only the sender and receiver both hold, so that only the parties can decrypt this information. The experiment is a research institute of the University of Massachusetts organization, and now they are developing the system conversion. The complete system technique called pulse position modulation (pulse position modulation), the time will be divided into disparate intervals, each interval represents a letter or a symbol. 20000mw laser pen pulses will assume operating signal transmission. Coding interval and only the recipient share: only the recipient can decode. The researchers said the transfer pulse information contains only a small amount of photons, but the information which exists in a large number of optical fiber irrelevant photons. The purpose of the converter is to cut information, and it looks like background noise signal. For the average light sensor, when they received an unknown photon, they will take the initiative to ignore, so as to achieve the role of secrecy. Let it be assumed that the sender information to be in line for a long time that this information will be better integration and background signal: if the message to disappear. The researchers were able to demonstrate the system, but they did not specify who would use such a security system. Most people only care about important information for the contents confidential, such as: national intelligence, trade secrets, this method is very suitable to convey information. But this laser 3000mw system has a huge drawback is that prior to the recipient to decode the code, the code to be decoded by what means confidentiality is a big problem.

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  • Trust Deed

    Requested 2 days ago

    Deed of Trust for shares of a company held for the benefit of employees

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  • Buying 50% of a small hotel business.

    Requested 3 days ago

    Dear Sir/Madam,I resides in U.K. and want to puchase 50% of a small hotel business in Texas,U.S.A.The purchasing is subjected to the issue of E2 investment visa approval by the U.S government.So the purchasing money of me (Buyer) will go to an Escrow account and by the issue of visa the money will go to the seller.If the visa is not issued the money goes back to the buyer.Can you have a purchasing agreement for this?Kindly reply.

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  • Dealer agrement

    Requested 4 days ago

    Hi, We are a small watch company from Sweden. We are in search of a standard dealer agreement but can't find it. We want to cover the basic. Would be happy if someone could help us. Best regards Kristoffer

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