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  • Template for investment agreement or termsheet

    Requested 2 hours ago
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  • Indemnification Document

    Requested 19 hours ago

    This is to release and hold harmless for a Trust. My Mother, now deceased, failed to name a Successor Trustee to a small Trust my father had setup. I am the sole offspring but the financial institution seems to NOT want to except a probate stating such. We are attempting to present them (the institution) with one alternative measure ... a letter of indemnification. Any help will be MOST appreciated ! THANK You. :-)

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  • Client contract for Virtual Assistants

    Requested 20 hours ago

    I don't know if "freelancer" applies if I have formed an LLC.

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  • event site contract

    Requested 2 days ago

    I have a location that another organization wants to hold an event at. I need a contract for that. Thanks!

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  • Designer Client contract

    Requested 3 days ago

    A contract to use when I hire a designer (web, industrial, graphic) to do work for my start-up.

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  • inmates right being violated in kansas prison

    Requested 4 days ago
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