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  • petition for removal of personal representative

    Requested 19 hours ago

    for the state of nebraska

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  • design Contract Template

    Requested 8 days ago

    Hi, Can I download template for graphic design, Web design, videography, and interactive 3d design contracts and use it on my website as my terms and conditions?

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  • Specialty equipment rental

    Requested 9 days ago

    We rent temporary sinks, tables, cooktops to customers while repairing kitchens following fire and water damage. We pickup and deliver all equipment, as well as handle any plumbing/electrical hookup. If they customer makes any changes to hookups or moves the equipment it is at their own risk. Minimum term is 1 month, after that week to week.

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  • I need a contract form for wedding clients

    Requested 12 days ago
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  • Photography artists/band contract

    Requested 13 days ago

    I live in the UK and I am a photographer for Artists and bands and I need a contract that can cover me from lawsuits and that allows me to share the photos for portfolio use and to show off on my website and social media.

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  • NDA

    Requested 17 days ago

    looking for a nda for a nonprofit based out of texas

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  • information on legal document assembly software

    Requested 18 days ago

    If anyone has information, white papers etc on legal document assembly programs I would be grateful to hear some opinions before I go spend lot;s of money.

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