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  • service agreement

    Requested 3 days ago

    i am looking for a basic service agreement for my pet sitting dog walking business. i would like the option to edit the document to custom certain things i need to add to it

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  • Artist management agreement

    Requested 7 days ago

    Its a public relations, artist management and event management company called SSPR. Standing for Sade Simons Public Relations. motto: " Taking you to the land of milk and honey."

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  • Non-profit hiring a for-profit company

    Requested 8 days ago

    Higher education category.

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  • bpo contract

    Requested 9 days ago

    i basically need a contract for client to the call center

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  • Licensing art on beer bottles for a %.

    Requested 13 days ago

    Need a doc that I can sign with a business owner who wants to use my artwork on his products and pay me royalties on each product sold plus a small advance for each piece used.

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