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  • Immigration Services: Checklist for Form I-130

    Requested 4 days ago


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  • Terms and Conditions for directory websites

    Requested 5 days ago

    Hi there, Are there any documents that outline terms and conditions you can place on a business directory website? I'm based in Australia so if there is one more specific to Australian Law that would be great. Cheers, Chris.

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  • Add image files to the contract

    Requested 17 days ago

    (i.e. pre-sign a document before sending it out)

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  • I need a document/agreement for my clients.

    Requested 23 days ago

    In this document it gives their name address, email,Facebook, phone number specific questions related to medical & health, medications, etc, history for facial, body treatments, waxing & lash extensions. Consent for before & after photos with their written permission to be used for the sole purpose to be used up t my marketing purposes only by signing the intake form. This is due to the nature & possible complications of the procedures I perform & liabilities that can occur I must protect myself. to giving me 24 hours notice of canceling or rescheduling any appointments with me. Their first penalty for failure to give notice will be a $25 charge. After that, the client will be charged for the full cost of the appointment they were scheduled for. I also ask that my clients have a valid credit/debit on file. Usually this is taken care of upon scheduling the client for their first appointment. But if it's a gift certificate or under some other circumstance I would ask for the it should be noted on the document. It should also be noted on this document that the client is under confidentiality laws due to trade secrets that I represent solely due to surrounding completion. I also respect the extreme nature of my clients (guests) confidentiality & I would never break the ties of that bond. My client must understand that I will press charges if I find out that I will press charges if I find out that though any source(s) that they have broken this agreement in any way & shared, stolen proprietary information & in turn it was given it to another competitor whom benefitted. Slander & Gossip will not be tolerated in any way by me in any shape or form & the client agrees not to participate in this. My client doesn't hold me responsible for any "wrongdoing" or any complications that may arise during their treatment, they know the risks associated & complications can come up & are not limited to the following: redness, stinging, heat, burning, rash, swelling, irritation, soreness, tightness, prickling sensation, hyper-pigmentation, erythema, hypo-pigmentation, cold sores, anxiety/nervousness, flaking/peeling, bleeding, bruising, oozing, numbness, As the aesthetician I will properly advise the client to follow a professional home compliance protocol (especially after chemical peels, dermal stamping & microdermabrasion treatments) This is the clients responsibility to follow & how they achieve their results. I also advise my clients to wash pillow cases, phones, hand/bath towels, steering wheel, make up brushes, ANYTHING that comes into contact with their face for 24 hour post treatment & keep their hands away from their face. I ask them to print their name & for their signature & the date. I also sign it as well *At the I'd like to mention my referral rewards, $50 for every friend, family member or stranger they send my way! *25% OFF a service "CLIENT" has yet to try, when "CLENT" posts a positive review on Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress ,(PLEASE SAY NO TO YELP). A way for clients to experience different services all year round! IF YOU CAN THINK OF ADDING ANYTHING TO THIS PLEASE FEEL FREE. IM CERTAIN YOU'VE CREATED FACIAL INTAKE FORMS BEFORE. ITS PRETTY CRITICAL THAT EVERYTHING IS COVERED WHEN IT COMES TO THE CLIENT MEDICAL HISTORY, CANCER, DIABETES, ETC. I NEED MY BUTT COVERED TOO!! Thanks!

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  • Agreement to ship

    Requested 23 days ago

    I need an agreement document which states that we,, agrees to receive, package and ship your product for you. We want to make it clear that it is not a contract, but a one time agreement to ship out their product which was successfully funded on crowd funding sites such as kickstarter, indiegogo, gofundme, etc....

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