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  • Proprietary Recipe / Blend for customer

    Requested 9 hours ago

    A Customer asked us recently to create an agreement between us and them, for a tea recipe we created specifically for use in their restaurant. The agreement would state that we are the only company that can make the blend for them, they cannot go to another company to make for them; we do not give them the actual recipe, but we we do agree not to sell it in our online shop or to another customer. It should be for a set amount of time, from date 1 to one year later, at which time a new agreement can be signed, effectively renweing the original agreement. It should also have a clause somewhere that states, all of this is null/void if they decide not to be our customer in the future and/or they close their business. At which time we would have the right to do what we want with it. Any help would be fantastically appreciated!

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  • Plan of Conversion

    Requested 1 day ago

    Converting from an Oregon LLC to a corporation. Looking for a plan of conversion template to accompany the Articles of Conversion.

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  • i need a program of a wedding seremonie for the mc

    Requested 3 days ago
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  • conditional Sales and Use Contract

    Requested 4 days ago

    sale of an Arabian show horse

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  • lease agreement for transportation services

    Requested 6 days ago
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  • hand over form for deliveries service

    Requested 10 days ago

    disclaimers on items, not illegal and we wont be accountable for any mishaps that are out of our control during the course of delivery.

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