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  • NDA agreement for matrimonial website

    Requested 2 days ago

    detailed NDA agreement for matrimonial site is needed ASAP

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  • Model release

    Requested 4 days ago

    Photographing at a nursing home (already have permission to do so by the director). Need something simple and to the point seeing I'm dealing with aging veterans, also need something regarding HIPAA and personal information because I will be including personal information and stories with the photo project. Creating documents are not my strong suit nor do I know how I would put something like this together, any assistance would be great.

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  • License agreement for stock/royalty-free photos

    Requested 6 days ago

    I need a license agreement for the sale of individual image files (stock images) for royalty-free use

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  • License Agreement with Special Conditions

    Requested 10 days ago

    We license game designs both board and computer games. We never own the copyrights or trademarks they are always owned by the designer. We do have an exclusive, world wide rights to sell, develop spinoff products and in the case take board design and make computer version and computer design and make board versions. We also have the right to sub-license. We pay a set royalty on all net sales. We deduct for Cost of Goods, Credit Card processing fees and any returns. The royalty for the main product is 10% and any spin-off products is 5% The term for this contract is for 5 years of the release of the main game / spin off products. The agreement will auto renew on December 31 of the 5th unless either side gives notice to cancel the agreement or both parties agree to cancel the agreement.

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  • License Agreement/Work for Hire?

    Requested 10 days ago

    We have hired a writer/developer who is writing for us a Role Playing Game rule set. We have provided him the setting and game events. We will be paying him a 10% royalty on all net sales of the game and 5% net sales on any spin off products (computer game etc). We will own all copyrights, trademarks of this product exclusively. The Term of the agreement should be 5 years. Thanks in advance for your time.

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