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  • payment collection

    Requested 6 hours ago

    payment collections letter for past due accounts

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  • Coverage of homeowner repairs under HOA insurance

    Requested 7 days ago

    HOA responsible for repairs but cannot finance. Need to ensure coverage under policy despite repairs being done by the owner.

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  • operation agreement for sole proprietor LLC

    Requested 9 days ago
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  • Auckland Youth Choir

    Requested 10 days ago

    - The New York Project - OVER 18

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  • Cease & Desist Harassment & Legal Threats

    Requested 10 days ago

    I received a letter from someone with a threatening context to it and harassing with speculation and insinuations by a family lawyer that is a family member. I would like them to cease and desist this affiliation with me and all contact.

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  • Am a small third party online retailer

    Requested 12 days ago

    I planned hiring a photographer and graphic designer, I need and agreement that transfers the copyright right to my enterprise

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