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  • Release of Liability (Photography)

    Requested 11 hours ago

    Looking for a release of liability form for photographing children with live animals. Thanks!

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  • Digital Ocean ToS

    Requested 1 day ago - Last updated as of 3/6/2015, but no explanation as to what the changes are.

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  • MSA between end client and vendor.

    Requested 2 days ago

    Ours is a IT staffing company, we need a MSA between end client and vendor.

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  • Talent/artist management/representation contract

    Requested 7 days ago

    I would like an agreement that will lay out the terms of the relationship between an agent and a performer whereby the agent provides management services, brings in sponsorship/endorsement deals and licences the talent's content to media channels. The talent is signed exclusively to the agent for a set term, after which the agent has the exclusive option to sign the talent again. The agent offers a cash advance up front to produce content similarly to record labels and in return take 20% of all income relating to creative output or endorsement by the talent.

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