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  • LLC member withdrawal/exit agreement

    Requested 11 days ago

    An agreement to handle the situation of a member of an LLC that wishes to leave the LLC.

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  • Partner agreement

    Requested 13 days ago

    Need a simple partner agreement where they can sell our saas based software and get commission for selling it to new clients

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  • Terms of Use - Job Portal

    Requested 16 days ago

    - allows to create a resume, with the standard info - job seekers can apply to jobs with an account - allows to create a company profile - allows an employer to post jobs (pay with Paypal) - users may write blog articles - users may make or join groups. something like. Thank you

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  • Designers have all their works clearly named

    Requested 16 days ago

    Varvára is an online Jewellery platform and E-shop that sees a selection of designers from the Mediterranean in one space. I need a legal document to send to the individual designers to ensure they are 100% comfortable in knowing their designs and pieces will not be used or represented as the company's own, but clearly marked and labelled with their independent designer name. All packaging, labelling, writings that they wish to use working with Varvára will be used upon their request. All information that is shared between Varvára and its designers is private and no information is released unless otherwise stated by the individual designers themselves i.e.. Biography etc

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  • right to use photos from KIJIJI web

    Requested 22 days ago

    Permission to copy and disclose decoration photos from website advertising for educational purposes. ( between a person to other, no company)

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  • Letter of intent to lease commercial space

    Requested 24 days ago

    non-binding letter of intent for a business tenant to lease commercial space, pending agreement on terms of lease

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  • Eula for a video sharing website

    Requested 25 days ago

    Would be really useful to have a eula template for a video sharing website.

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