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  • Software White Label Agreement

    Requested 1 day ago

    We are looking to sell one of our software products through an independent vendor who will sell it under white labels. I would appreciate if any documents pertaining to the legalities of such an arrangement could be provided. Thanks.

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  • An Invoice template

    Requested 3 days ago

    Includes Requisitioned by, Purchase order #,and Liaison spaces to be filled.

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  • Technical Partner Agreement (Profit Share)

    Requested 3 days ago

    I am a developer for a ground event startup. I am in-charge for Development, Server Maintenance, SEO, Mobile Development and all other technical aspects of the Startup. My other partner will be in-charge of facilitating the events, local marketing and all the remaining aspects of the Startup. All the profit will be split into 40/60 share. Mine is 40. I will retain all the intellectual rights to my work and ownership.

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  • media contracts

    Requested 4 days ago

    i could use this document

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  • Rights to media distribution of recorded work.

    Requested 6 days ago

    I conduct and produce. audio interviews. Need co tract to retain rights to all forms of media distribution of these interviews.

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  • illustration contract

    Requested 7 days ago

    Hi everybody, I found a lot of illustration contracts in here, but I'm looking for something a bit different. Basically, I want to sell the rights of the digital images: the right to display, modify, transmit, transfer, sell (my client wants to publish a picture book with my artwork) but I don't want to sell the derivate works right (if they want a toy with my design for example, I'd like to be paid another fee and discuss another contract). Does it make sense? Is it possible? How could I state that? Thank you! Andreea

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  • Term sheet for the acquisition of real estate

    Requested 8 days ago
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