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  • Limited Partnership Agreement

    Requested 3 days ago

    I need a Limited Partnership Agreement with the basics so that I can tweak it. Not a limited liability partnership agreement either. It is for here in the United States between a person in Florida and a person in Arkansas, if that makes a difference...

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  • bookkeeping service

    Requested 14 days ago

    I wish to have prospective clients sign an agreement to provide them with bookkeeping services. I typically work with individuals or small businesses.

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  • Trademark Consent Agreement

    Requested 14 days ago

    A consent agreement between two companies which states requirements that a company attempting to register a trademark will abide by in order to avoid confusion for consumers between their trademark and the already registered trademark owned by the other company.

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  • Real Estate LLC Private Placement Memorandum

    Requested 15 days ago

    Planning to file under Reg D Rule 506 (b)

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  • Agreement to present talent to reality show

    Requested 18 days ago

    Hi, I was looking to present an individual (talent) to a reality show. If that individual were to be chosen for the show, I wanted an agreement that allowed me to profit a percentage of his earnings. Is there an agreement out there that would allow that to occur without me having to take on the responsibility of management? Maybe a consulting agreement or a talent broker agreement? Finder's fee agreement? Thanks in advance.

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  • Docracy needs to have a way to send feedback

    Requested 23 days ago

    I need Docracy to have a way for me to send feedback Docracy seems to be one of those infuriating sites that has NO way to contact them, NO way to give them feedback, NO forums, and NO comments. Please remedy that or you will lose the war for putting documents online. I like Docracy, don't fuck it up by giving your users no way to help you improve.

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  • passwords confidentiality

    Requested 27 days ago

    I need a document that maintains confidentiality of my passwords between myself and my website designer.

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