30 Day Move Out Notice

This is a document to be used when moving out of a leased dwelling that requires that you submit a 30-day move out notice.

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Your name and current apartment address


Landlord or apartment manager’s name and address as it appears in the lease

Re: Notice of intent to vacate

Dear Name of landlord or manager,

This letter constitutes my written Number of days notice that you need to give-day notice that I will be leaving my apartment on Move Out Date, the end of my current lease.

I am leaving because Reason.

For the reason above, may be a new job, rent increase, etc. If there are problems with the apartment, your landlord would probably like to know, but be diplomatic—you have your rental history to consider.

I expect that my security deposit of $Deposit, given to you on Deposit Date, will be refunded in full, since the apartment has been left in good condition.

I can be reached at New phone number and address after Your Moving Day.


Your Name

Document Discussion

I paid rent and deposit move out early without giving 30 days notice breach lease contract still I can get part rent and deposit back from land lord left property dirty

hi everybody, my landlord with whom i have a lease sell the house, my lease over in 1 month. new owner wanna me out when my lease gonna over, but at city where i am leaving it is starting vocation seasons and write now it is impossible to find some apartment for normal money. i have wife, 5 years old and 6 month kids. And it's just me who working at family. by the way new owner he is lawyer. please somebody give me the answer do i have any choice?

I am currently paying Month to Month after my 1 year lease ended. When I moved in I paid the 1st and last months rent. I am about to turn in my 30 day notice but I am wondering if I will need to pay my last months rent or if the last months rent I originally paid when I moved in to the apartment should go towards this or will it just be returned to me as part of my deposit? I live in Oklhaoma if this makes any difference.

I have an extension agreement that ends on 2/28/14, however my sister and I recently found a two bedroom that is exactly what we have been looking for. the problem is that the landlord for the new property wants a tenant in by 2/1/14. If I give my thirty day notice now I would have to be out of the apartment by 2/8/14. I understand I would be liable for the eight days in February but I want to know if I would be liable for the entire month of February. Two bedrooms are hard to find in my neighborhood so I don't want to miss out on this one, however I don't want to have to pay rent for two apartments. Any advise.

If you've already signed a lease to last until the 28th, then yes you will be liable. I am doing the same exact thing, my current lease ends 2/28/14 but I am moving on 2/1/14, so I am still going to have to pay rent for my current apartment while paying the first month's rent for my new place. The only way to break the lease early is to pay the fee, which is usually about the same as the rent, so you might as well just pay the rent for the last month and move whenever you want.

Awesome site to find out documents templates and advises about rent agreements and tenants rights!!!! THANK YOU! Rosa Ortiz.

I live with 3 other people. My boyfriend and another couple. They gave their 30 days notice on October 30th 2013. Rent is due on the first of every month. They are off of the lease today since it is November 30th 2013. All of their stuff is still in the apartment and they said they have until tomorrow to move out. We received and adendum from our property management company and it states that he is removed from the lease effective Nov. 30th 2013. Aren't they legally supposed to be out of the house by the end of today?

So I gave my 30 day notice bacause im buying a house . But now my closing got pushed over a week .. I told my landlord if I can stay til dec 6 at least and I will pay the difference but shes refusing and said I had to leave by the 1st. What can I do I have no where to go or where to put my things?

My lease was up in September and I have been paying month to month since then. I just found out that we are closing on out house on 11/20/13. I contacted my apartment people to let them know that we will be gone by the end of the month. They are now trying to say that I am responsible for giving them a 30 day notice and I will also be responsible to pay decembers rent. I dont feel that this is right, we are not in a contract it is only month to month. I just needed to check with someone else to see if I am correct before I fight them on this. HELP!

Britany, In most states, even if your lease becomes month to month you are still responsible to give your landlords (in writing) a 30 day notice to vacate the premise. This allows the owners enough time to get another tenant into your apartment. If you told the apartments in writing today 11/21/2013 of your intent to move, you would still be responsible for all rent monies owed up until 12/21/2013. I would advise you to read your original lease agreement to see how many days is required to give notice to vacate your apartment. All lease agreements must have this in them. Hope this helps. I am currently in the process of vacating my apartment so I am familiar with the requirements.

I gave my landlord 30 days notice that I will be moving out. But she still wants to charge me an extra weeks rent after I leave because thats when my contract ends. I do not know much about rental agreements as this is the first place I have ever rented and just wanted to know if this was right.?

That is correct, you are obligated to fufill your agreement. The final week will be prorated if it is a partial month. If it is month to month you are not obligated. If it was a 12 month lease then you will be.

I gave my landlord a 30 day notice on 7/12/13 that I would be moving out. I paid her for the month of July. I started moving before the 30 day was up and now she wants to charge me for moving out early. Is there a penalty for moving out before the 30 days are up even if you have paid for that month?

No! as long as you pay your rent you never ever need to even move in. Set foot in the property. What you do there how much time you spend there or how much time you dont spend there is your busines. If you want to pay rent on an empty apartment its your choice.

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